Why do people ask questions they already know the answer to?

So I have been on this site for a good while now, and I am really fed up with lots of questions on here.

There are lots of good questions here with many perspectives. However: So many people come here asking questions when they have already made their mind up. Others already know the answer and ask anyways!

In the end, when someone answers with a solid, honest answer, people get all butthurt and throw a tantrum, when they came to a public forum looking for answers.

Seriously, what gives? Is there any hope for humanity?

Ok, one of you asked for examples so here you go:

A girl comes and asks for opinions on gun control and then proceeds to shoot down every answer on there and tells them that they are dumb and wrong. She clearly didn't come to learn or get opinions. She just wanted to fight and start problems. Why would she do that?

Or when someone knows that their relationship is going down the drain but still comes here asking what to do and getting mad when people tell them that it's pointless to go on.


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  • I got an "Offensive Posts" warning tonight and the only thing "offensive" I've done on this site is be honest. Are people here that butthurt over the truth? Am I supposed to sugar coat answers and tell people what they want to hear? When I screwed up as a kid I got my ass kicked and learned a lesson. I didn't have my hand held and get a trophy like the entitled youth of today does.

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      Thank you! Another person with common sense. The truth can be painful. What exactly was so offensive?

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      LOL @ down vote

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      Careful, they might get offended... Haha