I need advice. Please help me.

Okay I don't want any bs answers. I'm just tired of going to my friends for advice.

There is this guy that I've liked for a while now. A couple of months ago we began to talk more than usual and he would call me on the phone late at night after work and we would just talk about our lives and what not. Then one day he called me and then he ended up coming over. We just stayed outside and talked for hours. Then shortly after that we would talk, but not on the phone anymore. During our Christmas break I asked him to hang out. We kept changing the date (he was going to be out of town, then I went out of town and stuff) So two weeks ago we hung out for a couple of hours before he went to work. (I had a good time but I'm not sure if he did) Then last week my friends were drinking and I didn't want to ride home with them. So I ended up texting him and asking if he could take me home and he said yes. When he came we were waiting for one of my friends sober up a bit (which took about an hour) and we finally took her home. He then dropped me off at my house. I don't know what to do. Like I don't know if he wants to be just friends or something more? I'm scared of asking because I'm scared of losing him. We've been good friends since 8th grade (so now 4 years) and I don't want to lose him.


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  • He loses his joy in it, because every time he didn't go for that kiss, or what he needed to say, he bums himself out.

    He's insecure, so tell him you're scared of losing him.


    he's showing a lot of effort, he doesn't want to be just friends.