Why are Asian girls so attractive?

I go to school with lots of Asians and I'm white. One of the few. I was just wondering why all the guys find Asian girls so attractive? Most of them are like 5 feet tall, no curves, no butt, no boobs just straight as a stick. My 12 year old sister has more curves and boobs. What are your opinions? What makes Asian girls so attractive? By the way I'm not trying to be racist! I have lots of Asian and friends of other races! I'm just curious about guys opinions.


Most Helpful Guy

  • idk. 'American asians' tend to be much more attractive. I agree with you though, I typically don't find them to have nice bodies. the main reason men love Asians is because they are very submissive and put the man first. They don't fight back with a man about anything. American men are very misinformed when it comes to this. They think Asians are attractive because they've seen American Asians with a nice mix of genes who are attractive. I've been to China and met multiple Asian girls from other countries and to speak generally, I found none of them attractive. A "a full-blooded Asian woman" is TYPICALLY not very attractive to a guy.