Why are Asian girls so attractive?

I go to school with lots of Asians and I'm white. One of the few. I was just wondering why all the guys find Asian girls so attractive? Most of them are like 5 feet tall, no curves, no butt, no boobs just straight as a stick. My 12 year old sister has more curves and boobs. What are your opinions? What makes Asian girls so attractive? By the way I'm not trying to be racist! I have lots of Asian and friends of other races! I'm just curious about guys opinions.


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  • idk. 'American asians' tend to be much more attractive. I agree with you though, I typically don't find them to have nice bodies. the main reason men love Asians is because they are very submissive and put the man first. They don't fight back with a man about anything. American men are very misinformed when it comes to this. They think Asians are attractive because they've seen American Asians with a nice mix of genes who are attractive. I've been to China and met multiple Asian girls from other countries and to speak generally, I found none of them attractive. A "a full-blooded Asian woman" is TYPICALLY not very attractive to a guy.


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  • There were several style questions today, from girls wanting advice on corsets, changing their hair color, changing their breasts, and so forth.

    Asian girls don't hide their figures, don't resort to artificial enhanceements, and otherwise in their life,they are direct and honest, most of the time.

    BUT..they pay attention to keeping fit, play sports, and lok very good in miniskirts, even though they do lack curves, usually.

    This is why uys fiind them attractive. It shows you that looking like a movie star isn't important in life, although most of the US girls these days obsess over looking like them.

    And being honest is more attractive than having the latest 'look.'

  • I love Asian girls, it's the cute face and accent! <3 big boobs look bizarre to me, too disproportionate... I do actually like curves, but it's nothing major. Asian girls are just beautiful :')

    • That doesn't surprise me to be honest... My comment still stands, I happen to like Asian girls.

  • I think they are attractive! Some do have plenty of curves. I approve.

  • The pretty ones are. And they tend to be thin, which if they're blessed with a nice face and boobs makes them hot.

  • Quit sipping that hatorade... there are good looking and not good looking Asian girls just like girls of all ethnic backgrounds. I call trolllllll.

    Thanks for the 3 xper points though..

  • White males like Asian females and Asian males like white females. I'm Asian and I much rather prefer white girls then Asian girls.. maybe its because I live in an area with mostly white people and that is why I prefer white girls but I just.. find them a lot more attractive then Asian girls. Hope I helped! :P

  • They're not

  • This girl was 17 in this pic.


    That's why

    • she is super gorgeous, but she's exactly what Asian women generally AREN'T. lol, voluptuous, big boobs, colored contacts. Everything about the photo is trying to make her look as "white" as possible.

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    • +1 for pointing out that there are some Asian girls who can be curvey

    • I never posted any racist question?

  • It's cuteness! At least for me. For me, cuteness is a huge factor in attractiveness... And Asian girls are so cute!

  • I don't get it either. The media plays with peoples heads.

  • I am a Caucasian guy and I have zero attraction for Asian girls.

  • it's BECAUSE of their youthful looks and their flat chests. i greatly dislike large boobs. the flatter, the better.

    • also, Asian girls age really well. i know one who is 40 and looks 20. her mother is 70 and looks 50.

  • I don't think asains are attractive, I much rather like girls from other cultures such as European and south American and other parts of the world. I have never found Asian girls to be attractive

  • I am a 19 year old white guy, The thing is that attracts me most about Asian girls is there beautiful skin and there beautiful smile, and most people find this weird, but also there eyes are also attractive to me and look ressly cute :)

  • They are way too short for me, and also, I prefer small waist with wide hips. Tall and curvy works best for me! However, lots of Asian girls I know are really sweet as people and many are cute and I'm sure lots of guys are into them.

  • What you see and count as negatives are the positives about them. 5ft means cute/feminine and not intimidating like a tall/super tall girl. They have super cute faces, perfect smooth hairless skin naturally. And are good at heart. Stop being jealous. Haha sorry.

  • I wasn't aware they were. And your 12 year old sister has more boobs? wtf >.<

  • what makes you think "all" the guys find them attractive. sure some of them are good looking but a lot of them fit your description and aren't that appealing.


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  • I go to a school with about 30% Asian population, and the only guys I notice that are attracted to Asian girls are Asian guys, or white guys that are socially awkward or super into anime. No offense, but it's generally not the type of guy I go for. All the athletic, outgoing (non asian) guys go for white/black/mixed girls. It seems like white guys who have never had luck with "their own" girls go for Asian girls, probably becuase of the stereotype that Asians are less assertive etc. so they thinks there's a better chance of not getting rejected.

    • Asians are my preferred girl. So what does that make me?

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    • Best answer!

    • 13h

      I disagree with Asian girls scared of rejecting guys.

      They are the most sought after girl, they have many guys chasing them.

  • I am not sure if you were white.Sounds like you are an Asian who are fishing for compliment for an ego boost.If you were really white,first of all not all guys find them attractive.Guys in your school don't represent the whole guys population through out the country.

  • Asian girls are usually thin and petite. Curves are not necessary for someone with a body frame that with typically not get overweight like the typical American woman(who is a size 16 btw).

    Asian girls usually have clear, flawless skin(or appear as though they do) and long, thick hair.

    Asian girls age better in the long run. They don't age like prunes.

    Asian girls have culture and don't act sloppy and messy like the typical white girl.

    Asian girls don't balloon up like the average white girl in America. White women here blame careers, children, housework, hormones, thyroid, menstruation, pregnancy--EVERYTHING but themselves for becoming fatties

    Someone sounds jealous ;)

    I'll say though, the idea that white men are crawling on their hands and toes for them is over exaggerated. White men will typically date or f*** them, but at the end of the day they'll only bring home a white woman. STILL, that doesn't change the fact that Asian women CAN be beautiful. Not all, just as not all white women are attractive.

    i don't get why white girls feel so threatened by Asian women lulz

  • well, if this makes your jealous ass feel any better:

    im asian. I have the typical petite slim non curvy frame. and I hate it. I have insecurity issues because of it. men love ass & t*ts and I wish I could grow some. but even scarfing down burgers and hot dogs and fried food doesn't grow them. and I'm jealous of you white women, Hispanic women, black women, and even the more fortunate Asian women, and your damned curves!

    so in the end, there's no point in really asking these type of questions. men are all different. have different preferences. and some men will love your figure, and others wont.

  • I am asian, and not all are stick thin with no curves. and not all white men go after Asian girls.

    if white guys think we are submissive then they better erase that from their minds because we are not.

  • I'm an Asian. 5"1', overall "broad" body (little waist definition), small chest, 43kg or less. I'm not one of the stick figures who are slim and weigh like 36kg.

    I go to school in HK, and here it seems like the white girls are more attractive. They make up the minority of the school population. Maybe it's just personal preference, or attraction towards rare (Asians may be common at your school but they probably aren't as common in your country). This is why in HK there are many pale, Caucasian girl models - because they're more "rare" and more attractive int hat sense.

  • I think it has to do with the fact that they are skinny that's all guys seem to care about is body types. I agree with you there look young. I'm not gonna lie and say I wish I didn't look like them cause I do.

  • Because the only girls there are Asian

    What options do they have

  • I work with a lot of Asian women and most of them act really nice and friendly to guys. That alone can make a guy find you endearing no matter what your physicality may be. Mostly white guys like them tho, they don't get the guys I'm interested in so no jealousy over here!

  • They have innocent faces?

  • I am an asian, 5"1, 36C and a big bum. So I don't think I am one of those stick girls. My point is that not all Asian are stick girl. I am sure other races will have stick girl as well. As to why guys find them attractive? I guess it's personal preference.

    • Just out of curiosity, what's your nationality?>

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    • I agree. I'm Asian and think my ass is too big and have always wished I looked like those skinny flat Asian girls.

    • lols totally agree, im 5'6 36c as well and a pretty decent bum too aha.. although most Asians aren't like that, there are exceptions and it's not just your appearance. You can be hideous but have a gorgeous personality and i guarantee someone will love you.

  • Well, if most of the girls at the school are Asian, then probability suggests that the prettiest girls in the school are likely mostly Asian.