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Is it weird if I ask a guy out that I don't know?

He works at this store and I think he's really cute! We never spoke but there was some eyecontact and I just had to say hi because it was a bit... Show More

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  • Give him some hints you like him before overtly giving him your number. He has to reciprocate the interest and you need to know he likes you before anything else. Asking him for help to find out if he's nice is good strategy, but the boy has to make his move.

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  • I think it's a great idea. The worst he can do is not call but what's the harm?

  • bravery will be rewardedI would

  • It's definitely not weird! Though I think if time permits, you could chat with him a bit and let him know you two should keep in touch and maybe hang out later. The note is still okay too, good luck!

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