If you met up with your ex, how would you feel?

I'm meeting with my ex tomorrow (broken up for 2 months, dated for six)..

Anyway, I want to go to this creek with him behind my high school that we always went to together. Would it be weird to ask him to go there with me? I'll be meeting him after school so what if I just asked him after a few minutes of talking if he wnated to get outta school and go hang out by the creek?

Also, what can I do that can possibly stir up some old feelings?

I want to start seeing him frequently, like an old friend, in hopes to see if he still has feelings or not--- how can I introduce this idea to him?


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  • I think he wants to get back with you.

    By going back to the creek, it stirs up the old feelings that you've shared, the attraction that was set, the love that burned in passion, and the familiarity that made you closer. He still have feelings for you.

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      Well I was the one to initiate meetIng up and he seemed against it (well he woud say sure let's meet up but I tried to set a date and he ignored me... Thn I saw him today in school and asked him if he would meet me tomorrow. He seemed reluctant. But I feel if he flat out didn't want to he would have just sai so. Anyway what makes you think he may still have feelings?

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      It's because he wants to take you to your special place.