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Misreading her being nice or reading too much into her actions?

People, this is a bit long and perhaps boring. But I desperately need some answers. Help me out. There are three persons involved in this- A (my... Show More

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  • When B asked you about the relationship I think there is a big change it was for A, that is what girls do for each other especially if they are bff's and she has a boyfriend!

    To me it sounds like she really likes you and wants you to make the first move!

    If I like a guy I wouldn't tell him, I'm way to shy, I would only tell him if I knew he felt the same way for me.

    I would definitely try to ask her out! To me it seems like she is desperately trying to get your attention anyway!

  • it sounds like she likes you :D but girls usualy expect the guys to be the brave one and streight ..

    so I think you should tell her that you like her, you shouldn't be shy, it seems like she kind a likes you too so don't worry just enjoy your time and tell her that you like her :D

    i hope this helps

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