He avoids texts and says he fell asleep

I'm in a relationship with a guy who gets depressed. Lately he went from hot to cold. I asked if he met someone else and he said no. He keeps avoiding my texts and saying he fell asleep early. When he does text he asks how I'm doing and I respond then I never hear from him. He's been falling asleep a lot lately.


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  • go for a date once,.. do something practically to see if he cares for you,loves you..//


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  • Earthy,artsy,and intelligent is how most hippies describe themselves. After a man gets sex with you a few times, they will pursue other challenges,cause he already conquered your territory.All men are pigs! I know this because I'm a man pig too. This is why most longterm relationships don't start with sex till after a month or months of dating. If you give it up before, this is what happens. Training a man is a lot like training a dog, don't give him a cookie(sex) when he sh*ts on your floor. If you reward a man with sex in a relationship too soon, he feels like,"that was easy,now let's see what other girls offer",before he's even gotten a chance to get to know you and fall for the non sexual stuff.

    • I waited three weeks I guess that's not long enough

  • I've used this excuse myself with my ex. My ex never shut up! Hope this helps :)

    • I'm not an annoying girl that talks to much. I'm earthy artsy intelligent and fun. I've never been told anything but how sweet real and funny I am not loud or annoying

  • Does he still know he's in a relationship? Texts like this are usually a sign of him hoping you get get a clue an get sick and leave the relationship, so he doesn't have to.

    Its kind of a lazy way to Breakup, but if you've always been the planner in the relationship, Than its best to plan on ending this.

    Hope that helps

    • No he pursued me but he is simple. I like to go out and explore new places so I have made suggestions. He came over 1/2 hour late for dinner last night. Someone text him and he responded then went to bathroom with phone. He was smiling at the text and answering it. We had dinner all was well could have been a friend but he was all cleaned up shaved etc looking good for someone so depressed sleeping all the time. So the other night he didn't respond to my text and told me he was sleeping.

    • Well I wish you luck.

  • Have you denied anything being said by him?

    • He says he's not talking to other girls. He said he does get depressed and sleeps a lot but he did tell me that when he's at work he doesn't respond to texts because he doesn't have his phone yet it shows him active on Facebook during work and he only has phone no computer. So is he a liar or excuse maker or now that he has me wants a new chase until he gets her I'm a safety net?

    • go for a date once,.. do something practically to see if he cares for you,loves you..//

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