Do girls actually want a boyfriend that is more attractive than them?

Like, do you want that really attractive, fitness model type guy you can show off to all your friends? Or do prefer a guy who is less attractive than you, making you seem a lot more attractive than him and stand out in comparison?

  • Vote A I prefer a guy who is more attractive than me.
  • Vote B I prefer a guy who is less attractive than me.
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  • I agree with petitebrunette, if you're with a guy that is more attractive then you are it can make you feel insecure or self conscious which is never good in a relationship.

    Personally though I don't care too much about looks I don't have a certain type of guy I like or a specific thing I want a guy to have, if a guy is really nice to me and I am attracted to him it would not be a major turn off if he isn't the hottest guy around at all!

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      Ah, good to know.