Do girls actually want a boyfriend that is more attractive than them?

Like, do you want that really attractive, fitness model type guy you can show off to all your friends? Or do prefer a guy who is less attractive than you, making you seem a lot more attractive than him and stand out in comparison?

  • I prefer a guy who is more attractive than me.
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  • I prefer a guy who is less attractive than me.
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  • I agree with petitebrunette, if you're with a guy that is more attractive then you are it can make you feel insecure or self conscious which is never good in a relationship.

    Personally though I don't care too much about looks I don't have a certain type of guy I like or a specific thing I want a guy to have, if a guy is really nice to me and I am attracted to him it would not be a major turn off if he isn't the hottest guy around at all!


What Girls Said 7

  • Neither A or B.To be honest I would want a guy that is around the same scale as me,not below or above me.Having a partner that is more attractive than you sometimes can make you feel self conscious and paranoid.Having the one who is less attractive than me make me feel unattractive myself.

  • I would want him to be about the same level of attractiveness. Most couples I know are this way.

  • My aunties gave me two advice when it comes to dating. one make sure he is less attractive than you. 2. Make sure he likes you just that extra more.

    I guess they were just preparing us for a longer lasting relationship that didn't end in cheating.

    • But then the girl might be tempted to cheat once she finds someone she gets along with better who is also a lot more attractive than the other guy.

  • It's both A & B...I'm more into their attitude and how they carry their self..As long he's not a player and were compatible.

  • Not true.

  • I agree with Petitebrunette too! If a guy is significantly less attractive than I am, I feel like I'm not good enough to get someone more attractive. (yes I know it's shallow). If the guy is like a model I'm pretty sure it would get tiring having so many other girls like him, although lots of girls like my current boyfriend too, so I guess it's not that big of a deal. It'd be a problem if he was super flirty because he knew he was hot, but less attractive guys can be flirty too.

    I'd say my boyfriend and I are both pretty attractive, and around the same level. I mean some perfect guys might be more handsome/hot, but I'm not any more attracted to them than to my boyfriend. And those kinda guys are usually not found in real life, just movies haha.


What Guys Said 4

  • I don't think it matters.

  • I'm sure they won't tell you, but they want to be the "prize"

    She can't be the prize if he's the catch

  • I've noticed more relationships where the guy is generally higher on the attractiveness scale, than his girlfriend. Since guys fall in love faster...I would say looks don't matter to a guy for as long as they matter to a girl. Since it takes a girl longer to fall in love with the person on the inside...he better be good looking on the outside to keep her interested long enough to fall in love. This is not the norm...but just my opinion based on life experience

    • I've noticed the complete opposite lol

  • I don't think they do