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What kind of clothes makes someone approachable?

So, I tend to dress like Dr. House, with blazers and jeans with sneakers. But I started wearing leather jackets with a t shirt and jeans and it... Show More

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  • Yes unfortunately clothing is important even if peoplesay it doesn't matter. It will determine status, and prob maturity. lol obviously it doesn't mean he is what he dresses but for a first impression It will.

    As for me if the guy looks clean is approachable enough lol.

What Girls Said 13

  • It doesn't matter what looks good on guys, you have to be able to pull it off. Are you wearing the outfit or is it wearing you?

    Wear something that flatters you and you're comfortable in it and that's all the matters.

    I like a guy who puts effort into his appearance (because I do as I feel it's important... it's how the world sees us) but don't have a particular preference in what he wears as long as it suits him.

    Hair is important too!

  • I like the second style better. Jeans white vnecks leather jackets etc are are so hot on guys. I also love hot shoes (dcs, nikes, supras, Osiris) make sure the jeans are loose for till half way down the thigh then get a little tighter but not too much. Sexxyy

  • country boooooys. judge me

  • I like leather jackets on guys

  • Maybe. If he is a nice person, then yes. I don't judge a book by its cover.

  • For me sometimes yes it does, if the guy is in cowboy boots and jeans then I'm much more likely to talk to him, but if he's in sneakers, tight skinny jeans, and a hoddie, I'm prob gonna avoid him and go clean my horses stall instead.

  • Nothing beats a white v neck with jeans on a guy, ahhhhhh I love that.

    • ):) brings back memories of me with a very special guy in his white v neck with jeans break dancing his ass off!

  • You probably just dress better.I couldn't see myself dating a guy who dressed like Dr.house lol

  • The clean kind.

  • I like country boys... flannel shirts, levi jeans, nothing too fancy:)

  • Clothes definitely make a difference

    It probably makes you seem a little bit more relaxed and laid back

  • Okay, YOU answer me this. If you see a girl with an old t-shirt on, jeans with holes, and crappy shoes. Her hair looks ridiculous. And although she has a pretty face, she looks like a bum on the side of the road. Would you approach her, or keep walking?

    • I would approach her because maybe she can't afford new clothes, as a guy it doesn't bother me what a girl has on, its how she presents herself in the clothes. If she dresses like that and is talking like a trucker and picking her nose I probably won't go up to her. But I am asking YOU if clothes on a guy makes or breaks your opportunity to go up and start a conversation.

What Guys Said 4

  • I'd guess at your age blazers seem 'geeky' and leather jackets seem more hot.

    Save the blazers for when you're working in a bus casual environment. With some decent shoes.

  • Your age says it all. I like you tend to dress above my age, and I'm commented accordingly. Girls and guys always tell me I dress well and that most other guys just wear basketball shorts and t-shirts.

    While to some girls its a turn on because you invariable look good in relation to your peers. Others may make the false assumption that you are boring and or weird because your dress implies you act too old for your age (a common problem of mine). So at 19, some girls might have taken your clothing to mean that you are too mature and act too old for their liking meaning you are either boring or too different from them. Trust me though, eventually as you get a bit older the girls will appreciate a more refined look, at least the good ones will, and its all for the exact opposite reason. It makes you appear like a man, not a teenage boy.

  • They can play apart, I would think a leather jacket though would be less approachable than blazers, but that's just me, and please tell me when you dressed like house you used a flames on the bottom cane when you walked around, House is my hero and you need to do costume justice :)

    • Believe it or not when I was in high school I injured my leg and my friends bought me the flame cane, I have it and use it as an easy Halloween costume lol

    • That makes me so happy :)

    • it is because all the ladies have it out for Dr. House. he is very sexy I don't know why lol.

  • This is one of those no matter what a guy wears, he'll never be good enough for any woman. Its sad but true. You can look like a bum but if your not hot, or really good looking women won't give you the time of day. I can dress like a GQ model and get ignored but if some bum has a good looking face women will overlook that. Its the sad truth. I don't care what I wear or how I dress anymore woman will ignore me anyways.

    • Tried to give you thumbs up but I clicked the wrong hand... :(

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