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Im really confused about my elder cousin..

ok so here's the thing ,i'm a 16 year old guy and there's this my cousin who's about 23 or 22...well I m confused that she likes me or what because... Show More

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  • She's your cousin dude... no. Just no.

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  • go for it. try poking her is naughty places as a joke and when she starts messing with you tell her you just wana c what's there don't u? stuff like that

  • You like your cousin?

  • If you're not going to marry her or have kids it's okay. Few years from now you'll both be laughing at this.

  • Really? She's your cousin and you're underage. This is some Maury/Dr. Phil sh*t right here.

  • You guys are connected by blood. Nothing should happen. I think it's normal to have little crushes on cousins but not ct upon any feeling. Also the fact that she is so much older than you is just sick on her part. Shame on her.

  • Maybe she's just lonely. Dude she's your cousin. enough said

  • what are you exactly looking forward to happen?

What Guys Said 2

  • You'll not be the first or last man on Earth to have an experience with a cousin. A little warning here, after sex it is possible that there might not be something beyond that. And, please, be discreet because you're under-age and you could get her in trouble.

    • And please... use condoms.

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    • Yeah because if she got pregnant the baby would have health problems because you guys SHARE THE SAME BLOOD.

    • Very unlikely, the probability of birth defects in children from cousins is only a bit higher than in the normal population. In the past there was some degree of inbreeding, and that can be tracked via DNA studies. But this is not the real concern, the real concern is the impact a newborn has in teenagers, not the blood thing.

  • Dude..dont even think about it. She could go to jail since your under 18. And you could get in trouble too since your both blood related. Just date girls your own age who aren't related. Nothing wrong with hanging out and talking. But don't take it any farther than that.

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