Im really confused about my elder cousin..

ok so here's the thing ,i'm a 16 year old guy and there's this my cousin who's about 23 or 22...well I m confused that she likes me or what because she really is all started a few months ago when she came to my place with her family members just for a little hello the moment I approached her and took her phone number and with out any hesitation she gave it to me...n the next day those guyz went...from that day she began texting me,every day ,every night after 11 o clock,(a midnight)and we would chat for long between that time I sort of mentioned that I likes her and she said she also liked me a lot...well that's the confusing part...the thing which puzzles me is that despite she being 7 or 8 years older than me she used to chat with me like a desperate what I'm looking forward to is for some good advise,shall I do her or not,i do like her but a bit confused ...


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's your cousin dude... no. Just no.