How to use physique to attract girls?

I would like to know how a guy can use physique to get girls.

Background info: I am a 24 year old megavirgin in the sense that I have never kissed a girl, went out with one or done anything basically. I am quite inept at talking to them socially but I am reading some books on how to get better at that.

However despite being socially quite inept and shy, things are very different when it comes to physique: I am a taller guy and quite muscular as I am an avid weightlifter. I have gotten compliments, even from girls, on my physique.

It is of course no secret that muscular guys get more female attention, I have read several studies showing that muscular guys tend to have more sexual partners,

It doesn´t take a genius to put two and two together and I was wondering what would be the best way to leverage all the effort I have put in at the gym in terms of getting female attention?


Seems a few people misunderstood my question slightly. Of course my goal is to get good at being a conversationalist with the opposite sex, of course I want to improve my social skills. I am currently doing some reading on this topic.

However my question here is different: say as a purely hypothetical question, how can a guy with a well built physique use it to get girls, a secondary parallel route to female attention in addition to being a good conversationalist/"having game".


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  • As one of the guys has already answered, if your physique is as you claim: You are already getting attention from girls. Unfortunately that is where everything will stop if you aren't able to approach or hold conversations with any girls.

    If your question is how to "get" girls without being the best at up front communication...I would suggest trying to meet girls online. This way you can explain in words your lack of confidence/game and play it off as being shy/sweet (with a nice body) and you might find some girls willing to get to know you more and won't be turned off by your personality because they already know. Just be upfront.


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  • Just be interesting. Sounds like you have the whole package, I would just make it obvious that you are looking for a partner.

  • Be interesting, have things to talk about, have a passion and involve her with it, there is no perfect mindset, just be yourself.

  • I learned a new word today. megavirgin.

    • I am glad to have been of service in your learning process. The thing is that if at the age of 24 I haven?t even kissed a girl or held one?s hand, I can?t really think of many other words to describe myself other than a megavirgin.

  • try the beach or the gym or a fitness program

    • As odd as it sounds, gym isn?t a great place to meet girls. My gym divided into a free weights room (where I train) and a fitness room (where the girls train) and the girls almost never come into the real strength training area.

  • gotta become rich too, lol

    • Already working on it. I work in finance so I?m not too short on cash and if all things go to plan, I should be making way more money in the future.

    • well was being sarcastic, lol, but yes obviously girls do find a guy with money attractive but it is not the whole story

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  • Dude, you're already getting yourself noticed, even approached. What you need is to be comfortable enough to open your mouth and ask them out. Perhaps what you want is a more dominant body language, but that's not going to be enough if you're not socially skilled -which can only come with constant practice. You don't have to be shy, you're tall and well built so you must be the one nobody wants to fcuk with.

  • You've clearly got some good characteristics: discipline, hard work, and the desire to improve. I say take the same determination with which you work on your body, and work on your social skills. Your goal is an interesting, flowing conversation, and each repetition you do makes you a stronger conversationalist than before.

  • well you are probably taller than me so you have an advantage

  • Some dating coaches would say that if we rely on something such as physique, it becomes a crutch to rely on; Women would rather hump a guy with a basic physique and very confident than a muscle guy with not enough confidence.