My wife keeps dropping a lot of weight, would asking her to stay at home be a good idea?

Let me explain. We had twins last year, wasn't planned and we certainley didn't expect twins. My brother was single dad and he died in Iraq also last year so we adopted my nephews (3 and 5). My wife had just finished University and started working. While she was on maternatiy leave it was actally OK, but she started working again a few months ago and since then her weight just keeps going down.

She says she just doesn't have time to eat. In my eyes there is a lot that could be done but she doesn't want any of that. Like she cooks really healthy,does everything from the scratch and never buys processed food, but sure it wouldn't kill us. She also grows her own food in our garden which also not necessary or we could just hire a maid/nanny.

I'm working all day, so I can't help, but I make enough money so that we don't need a second income and I've been thinking of asking her to stay at home.

Would that help? My mom says it's probably not she doesn't have time but rather psychological problem, but she doesn't want to see a professional. And if it's stress related it may still help to stay at home.

Would anyone have any other suggestions?