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My wife keeps dropping a lot of weight, would asking her to stay at home be a good idea?

Let me explain. We had twins last year, wasn't planned and we certainley didn't expect twins. My brother was single dad and he died in Iraq also last... Show More

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  • I have a 6 year old a one year old and a 2 year old and as a mom you have so so many things to do...its like damn theirs not enough hours in a day...lol kids are everywhere if you turn your back the other kids are doing something while your over there doing something its stressful...when my husband is home he helps me out with stuff that needs to be done once he leaves to work I don't eat in till the kids are asleep...as dumb as it may sound we really don't have time...if she where to write a lis

    t of stuff you need to do and add the kids its alot...she know her body the best...try putting yourself in her shoes...

  • I wouldn't ask her TO stay home, but ask her if she WANTS to stay home. If you tell her to stay home then she could take it the wrong way, but if you ask her if she feels too tired or busy to work and wants to stay home, then I think that's fine. I agree with what your mom said too. I think that maybe she's stressed out about taking care of 4 kids and working, so if you ask her if she wants to stay home then that might help. It also could be postpartum depression. Sometimes after women have a baby, they get postpartum depression. You could ask a doctor or something about that and see if that could be the reason why she won't eat. Another possible reason is that she feels fat after having kids. She might have felt like her stomach was too big even after having her kids, and got insecure, but I think that it's probably just either stress or the postpartum depression. Try to sit her down and really talk to her about it. Make sure she knows that she can tell you the truth about what's going on with her and let her know that you're worried about her because you really care about her.

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