Guys, what things would you do to a girl if you were flirting by touching?

I'm talking about to a girl you are attracted to. Where and how would you touch her? What has worked for you


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  • I'd touch her in the one place no woman can resist...

    her heart. :D

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  • Touch is VERY powerful, more than a lot of people realize.

    As a guy, if you touch a girl in a non-sexual way and in a non-sexual place, and the girl is okay with it, she's probably okay with something more. For example, if a girl lets you touch her hand and arm repeatedly, or stroke her hair, or put your arm around her, or your hand in the small of her back, then it's clear that she has a level of trust in you, which also probably indicates some attraction to you. If you then move on to slightly more overt touching, such as holding her hand, or putting your hand on her knee, or wiping her hair out of her eyes or behind her ear, and she makes no move to stop you, you can be pretty sure she is interested.

    Moving on from there might be hugging or something like tickling her. If she hugs back, or tickles back, or doesn't say "don't touch me", then she's clearly enjoying your touches and you can escalate further.

    What you DON'T want to do is touch her in a "polite" or "friends-only" kind of way, such as shaking her hand. That sends the message that you aren't interested in her romantically, and if you ARE, that's sending a very mixed signal that will only confuse her.

  • Id always pa or pinch t her behind as soon as possible, to see if she's one of THOSE or not, and of course, to get a reaction, positive or negative, when I'm not sure what her attitude is towards me.

  • Noogies can work, but it's a high risk maneuver. :-) I flirt with my eyes and woods more than with touch. Lots of girls are threatened easily by touch at the flirting stage of the game.

  • Depends on the mood/moment. I would probably tell her pretty soon, though.. waste of time doing that if you're not even going to ask.

    I have pinched/poked legs. Grabbed their hands or feet if they were doing flirty things.

  • Poke her hip, give her love tap, or touch her hair. Always compliment.

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