Why do people consume their mind thinking about a crush.

I hear a lot on this site referring to crushes , Why would a person consume their mind thinking about a crush . For example, A person having a crush on a friend , But the person having the crush never makes the other person aware of it . So therefore , They consume their mind thinking about that person on a daily . My question is what's the purpose of this , Because some people have crushes for years . But never make the other person aware of it.


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  • If there's a hint of reciprocation, then the exhilaration of feeling vindicated provides a high that can overcome mountains of self-doubt. So it becomes a well that you keep coming back to, if for no other reason than a constant need for reassurance. And if reciprocation and mutual benefit go on long enough, it can lead to curiosity of the sort that makes you care about them on a deeper level than just what you think you can get from them. It is at this point that actual love starts to bloom.

    But for those who aren't there yet, the hope that it might becomes a sort of IOU that has the power to draw someone in like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.