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Is this girl maybe checking me out after rejection? I'm not interested, is she?!

Girl rejected me, asked her out twice, month ago. i don't know her. Long time ago I ignored her, then I told yes, it was for a reason beacuse her... Show More

i asked her out twice in December..

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  • hahah... do you know what that mans? it means that when you asked her out, and she rejected you, she actually thought about it all the time, and now she's just really curious about you. also, the eye-catching thing means she likes you alot, but she doesn't know it, or maybe she does. give her a test, try talking to her alone, see how she reacts, then try in front of her friends, and compare the reactions. If there's a huge differance, then it means that she doesn't like you being around other girls.there is something about you, that's out her deep in thought. I think you somehow won her heart, without knowing it.

    • I have tried talk to her last year but she didn't wanna... So I will not make a move. So I don't know if she likes me

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  • For girls, physical attraction does not always indicate romantic interest. She might be physically attracted to you but not interested in you because she dislikes something about your personality.

  • possibly but just make it clear you're not interested, so that she stops.

  • She' has probably changed her mind about you and is now staring at you because she wants to say something but doesn't know how you'd react to it. Maybe trying to see if you still like her.

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