He asks if I want to have a drink because he's "pretty busy" the rest of the week

gave my # to a guy I went home with (who I admittedly met on OKC) but didn't have sex w/. he texted me the PM of the AM we hung out, but late (just before 10pm - so as a because I think). we both go out of town. he texts to see if I'm back, small talk, then asks if I want to "hang out" again. also kinda late, although I do know he stays up all nightish. me: "yes. lets have a drink later in the week". him:"sounds good" then tonight I get a text sort of late - hey are you interested in having a drink later? I'm pretty busy the rest of the week.


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  • Sounds suspicious to me. You can try meeting up with him for drinks, but I wouldn't take it further until he showed signs of making more of an effort. He's being lazy, and I for one don't reward laziness. :p

  • If he's only texting late and just asks you for drinks instead of a dinner or hanging out at an earlier hour then he might be just after one thing. However I couldn't say for sure because I don't know what his schedule is like, he may just be really busy.