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Has anyone ever seen a guy/girl with a gorgeous smile and been instantly attracted?

I have seen guys with an gorgeous smile before and felt like "omg I wanna marry him" hahah. I know everyone is different What are y'all's opinion?... Show More

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  • Oh yes! A confident smile will get my attention so much more than the boobs & buns. Definitely a turn-on.

    • Thats nice to know(:

What Guys Said 7

  • Yes it is possible. That is usually the first attraction. Everyone looks for something different. You just happen to like smiles. We are people that see something and want it. There is nothing wrong with that!

  • Yes, a girl with a pretty smile with nice lips and beautiful white teeth is very attractive!

    • I'm the same way! (except I like guys) hahah! (:

  • Every actor/actress has that winning smile. That's how they get their fans. But yeah, I've seen women with gorgeus smiles that would just make me go "I wanna marry her" for a split second...

    Before the hawk-like stares of his boyfriend would pierce through me.

  • yes

  • eh kinda

  • Marry her? No.. Sleep with her? Oh hell ya ;)

What Girls Said 5

  • That's how people get about me hahaha. I work in a restaurant part time and I got the nickname smiles because I "have a really pretty smile" and am "always smiling", it's part of my job to smile and look friendly so of course I'm going to be always smiling. Strangers on the street stop me a lot to compliment me on my smile which cracks me up because I think my teeth are too yellow and that it makes my cheeks too chubby.

  • Cool. An Archie fan.

    I haven't seen one as of yet but I think its plausible.

  • YES!

    Its like magic when he smiles :D

    • Ikr! :)

  • I've gotten that from other ppl. Like how do you keep your smile so bright? It's gorgeous. You're really pretty. Are you sure you never had braces? Lol but I've never complemented anyone on their smile alone.

    • I know exactly what you mean

  • Hopefully yes, because everyone ALWAYS comments on my smile. I'm a hostess and I can't seat more than three tables without a comment, but it's probably because I'm always smiling.. I personally am not instantly attracted to a guy with a great smile, but it's a plus.

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