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I've been attracted to this guy I've been working with for awhile now. When I originally asked him out for coffee he said that with his work being so busy he couldn't give me a time frame, but it wasn't a no. Now a few months have passed, no mention of catching up outside of work, however we have been working more closely together and we;re at the point of lightly teasing each other sarcastically, he'll sit with me in the lunch room, wait for me so we can walk together. He now even asks random questions about me. He's the kinda guy who if he doesn't want to speak to someone he won't go out of his way, but with me he seems to. He doesn't do this with anyone else or act the same way with anyone. I'm getting the vibe he may be interested, but is it that he may be scared? Cause he does mention he likes being on his own doing his own thing. I don't know what to do cause I really like him, he makes me laugh and I can't stop thinking about him.

Does it sound as though he could be interested? I need help!

Well last nite worked with him, we only work together probably once a week. And the flirting has gone up a notch to play fighting and saying things with double meanings. Also he sent a text to me saying where & when he'd be at the markets so we met up!


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  • He doesn't seem shy at all, however he does seem laid back. He prefers to go about things on his own terms and pace. Waiting a "few" months for coffee is pretty ridiculous. And perhaps when you asked him then, he wasn't interested. But now, something you did seems to keep him on his toes and he's excited at your presence. I think now should be the time to ask him out again and more directly. Perhaps dinner or some fun activity.

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      Thanks for your answer!!! I'm thinking you might be right.

      Well I worked with my crush again tonight & it seemed that everything has progressed yet again. We play fight where he's never acted like this before which was a positive sign, asking me questions again, even down to how my daughter was & when I said why did you ask me that? He replied that he was interested! Then we were flirting heaps especially saying things with double meanings.