Crush on Coworker

I've been attracted to this guy I've been working with for awhile now. When I originally asked him out for coffee he said that with his work being so busy he couldn't give me a time frame, but it wasn't a no. Now a few months have passed, no mention of catching up outside of work, however we have been working more closely together and we;re at the point of lightly teasing each other sarcastically, he'll sit with me in the lunch room, wait for me so we can walk together. He now even asks random questions about me. He's the kinda guy who if he doesn't want to speak to someone he won't go out of his way, but with me he seems to. He doesn't do this with anyone else or act the same way with anyone. I'm getting the vibe he may be interested, but is it that he may be scared? Cause he does mention he likes being on his own doing his own thing. I don't know what to do cause I really like him, he makes me laugh and I can't stop thinking about him.

Does it sound as though he could be interested? I need help!

Well last nite worked with him, we only work together probably once a week. And the flirting has gone up a notch to play fighting and saying things with double meanings. Also he sent a text to me saying where & when he'd be at the markets so we met up!


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  • He doesn't seem shy at all, however he does seem laid back. He prefers to go about things on his own terms and pace. Waiting a "few" months for coffee is pretty ridiculous. And perhaps when you asked him then, he wasn't interested. But now, something you did seems to keep him on his toes and he's excited at your presence. I think now should be the time to ask him out again and more directly. Perhaps dinner or some fun activity.

    • Thanks for your answer!!! I'm thinking you might be right.

      Well I worked with my crush again tonight & it seemed that everything has progressed yet again. We play fight where he's never acted like this before which was a positive sign, asking me questions again, even down to how my daughter was & when I said why did you ask me that? He replied that he was interested! Then we were flirting heaps especially saying things with double meanings.

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  • He sounds like a marginal prospect at best. If you do hook up, it will not be a profoundly rewarding relationship. Oh well.

  • He likes you! He's a little nervous about getting involved with a girl at work.

    • Thanks for your comment. A lot has happened since I last posted. Since then we have grown really close and he's moved interstate but we contact each other everyday still and I recently went to visit and stayed with him. Nothing happened physically but I feel as though the bond we share and the time we spent together has brought us even closer together. When we were talking quite indepth bout relationships etc he made mention that he had little faith in long term relationships due to his family.

  • men ask women for coffee so it doesn't appear to forward.

    for a woman to ask a guy for always sounds like business as usual.

    I advise asking him out to dinner, and make it CLEAR its not a Business dinner.

    FYI, I tease my female co-workers all the time and flirt, but they are married.

    so teasing and flirting don't mean anything to a guy.

    step it up a notch.


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  • from personal experiance I would say not to date someone you work with. It is to risky cause if/when you break up you still have to see that person every day and if it is a nasty break up it will be abad situation. Also couples that spend too much time together have the same problems as coules that do not spend enough time together, it can ruin a good relationship. It almost ruined mine. Me and my man before we had any kids worked at a place together and everything was fine at first. But not only did us speneding all of our time together, work and home, no break from eachother, hurt us. And made worse but the fact that I was moved up to a lower level of management and I was then his boss. It was really hard the day I had to right him up for not doing his job and backtalkling be when I told him it need to get done. He felt like since we lived together and slepped together I would just let it slide. But like I told him I had a job to do and I did it even though it was his 3rd wright up and I knew he was going to be fired. Things like that can get in the way of a good thing. After he was not there and working somewhere else things when back to normal. So my sugesstion it to keep it strictly friends.

    • Work relationships can be tricky.If he says he's too busy with work then he might be telling the truth.Also if a guy says he likes to do his own thing then be careful with that.What kind of job does he have that keeps him so busy?If he really liked you he would make time for you.

    • HUH?

  • Working relationships are hard... and can be riskey... However, I met my boyfriend at work and there are a number of couples that do meet at work.

    In my situation, I used to see this guy around and we would always look at each other. I finally asked a friend about him that I thought would know him. After I expressed some interest and my friend said someone thought my now boyfriend was cute, he made the initiative to talk to me and all has worked from there.

    He could be interested... or he could like you as a "friend" type at work. Give it some time and see what happens.. otherwise, you can always go my route and tell a co-worker that knows him lol...

  • I kinda am in similar situation. I have a huge crush on this guy at work, but we work in different departments for almost five years, just I noticed him now (don't ask why, just did). We started to flirt lightly - looking into each other eyes deeper and longer as usually do, but we never talked (except "Hi"), started to bump into each other more often. Then I noticed, that he started to check me out (first time really obvious, but then very sneaky), staring when he thinks I'm not watching, when we were together at lockers he became nervous and always acted as he wants something to say, but never did, sometimes when we said "Hi" to each other I swear it felt like he saw just me and I saw just him, despite there were other co workers around. One day out of blue I just slipped into his locker my phone number (don't know what I was thinking:)), he called later, we talked for the first time and he threw idea to hang out just to talk, but didn't tell when or where just that we will keep in touch. And we are still keeping in touch for three weeks (meaning he didn't call me back since). I called him once but the answer still was "We'll keep in touch". I figured it was polite "No" and I think it's mainly due to the fact being co workers. Now I also starting to think that it wasn't a good idea to hang out outside the work, as it can become ugly at the end. I never dated a co worker before, that's why I kinda at first thought it will be as usual, but now after he kinda blew me off, I started to think he is right. Even now it feels awkward as I have to face him every day, after that sort of rejection and there can't be any flirting anymore, cause it will drag as again back to where we where. But if you truly believe you and him could work out, then you can stick by him and step by step move forward, but if you have any doubts and just want to know how it would be being with him (without any serious intentions) then maybe you should drop the idea of hanging outside the work with co worker, if you want to keep your job.