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Guys, are you attracted to fat girls?

Since we all have different ideas of what slim and overweight means, I put up pictures as examples to what *I'm* thinking when I mean fat

slim & average examples: link


any of these girls: link



overweight examples:





  • Vote A I am only attracted to overweight women (99% of the time)
  • Vote B I prefer overweight women, but I'm open to slim/average women
  • Vote C I prefer slim/average women, but I'm open to overweight women
  • Vote D I am only attracted to slim/average women (99% of the time)
  • Vote E I'm a girl/See Results

Most Helpful Opinion

  • Holy f*** I love you just for the sake of putting up pictures. Goddam hate it when ya get these broads "is this fat" then they rattle off a bunch of numbers and measurements. Irritating.

    Can't say I really find any of the "overweight" examples appealing. Though with a lot of the slim and average ones I notice a fair few model pictures. Those are obviously going to be photshoped the sh*t out of, so it's really not a terribly accurate example of a woman's body. Being that there is more to it than pure size. There's shape, blemishes, etc.

    Other than a couple really goddam skinny ones, and the bigger one of the three in the model photo that christ knows what she really looks like without photoshop I find all of them attractive.

    • yeah, I tried to find model esque pictures of big girls but there obviously weren't any, so I just switched to using mybodygallery for examples.

    • Yeah, my point was that they shouldn't be model esque as model pictures and whatnot have a lot of alteration done to them so they won't be an accurate projection of what a woman will look like on a normal day.

What Guys Said 17

  • If those are your definition of fat girls, then yes, I'm attracted to them and would definitely date them.

  • Me, not really. But I'm sure that there are men who are. You just have to find them.

  • a girl does not necessarily have to have the body of a supermodel, she can be a little bit chubby and on the thick side, and can make up for that by having a very pretty face

    • don't mistake this for being overly shallow, another way that I am negotiable with looks is that let's say if a girl does not have the best looking face but she can make up for that by having the right body because it's easier to fix the body than is the face

  • First group my preference, 2nd fine if she's got a good face, but I wouldn't consider dating any in the last group.

    • There's only 2 groups. Slim-average and overweight. The caption "any of these girls" refers to that single photo bcause it has 3 girls in it

    • Oh I thought "any of these girls" was for the 3 photos after it because they're not as big as the "overweight examples".

  • Since most people classify 140lbs as "average", I would have to say I'm exclusively attracted to slim women. My ideal weight for a girl is 110-125 at 5' to 5'6" <- Height is included as a reference.

    • You can't really go by weight very accurately. Boyfriend % is a better method.

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    • Well I like girls like picture number one since I'm too busy to go searching for the appropriate body fat percentages.

    • I like girls from 5ft to 5ft 6 inches and between 18 and 30 stone.

  • If I find her face attractive I am attracted to her

  • Yes I am but only so fat say small to large sized BBW's not super sized,but being attracted to them is irrelevant because I am to ugly to attract any women at all.

  • I am not. I take a lot of pride in my fitness. Would like a partner to feel the same.

  • Where's the "whatever" option.

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  • Cant say I prefer overweight women, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't date one. Fitness is an important thing to me though because I practise it in my own life

  • I don't prefer overweight women but I could date one if she was more like the 2nd link in terms of belly flab. That's perfectly fine to me. If I dated a girl and she put on weight l wouldn't dump her over it. I'd just prefer that she kept her clothes on or if we did it in the dark. The weight doesn't effect her personality.

  • i wouldn't be attracted to her if she was significantly overweight that is just my preference , I'm not that big so wouldn't feel comfortable dating a girl significantly bigger than be

  • Whenever I talk about my preferences, I try to talk about it in terms of who I've found attractive in "real life," who I've actually had crushes on, etc. That said, it's pretty much equal. I've been attracted to many different body types. My girlfriend of 3 years is what many people would call fat, and I don't wish she was any different.

  • Fat girls are repulsive. There are better choices out there than a tub of lard.

  • Yeah, sometimes.

  • So far it appears only the women are the shallow ones.

    • How so...?

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    • Women and men actually age about the same, aside from the fact that more women get fatter, because men still give them attention so they think it's OK to get fat. The ratio of men to women worldwide is almost equal until older age, since men die earlier.

    • Men die earlier because they want to. Women push them to want to turn it in early.

What Girls Said 3

  • certain guys like fat girls

  • I'm 5'3" and 122 pounds and feel fat. :(

    • go to the gym

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    • No, that's not fat at all. AT ALL!

    • Thankz guys. I need to loose 5 pounds but I feel better :)

  • yellow shirt under the second group. perfect lol I'm not gay but she has a body that could me melt

    • she is under the first group "slim/average" because she's not fat

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    • bye sweetie :)

    • Bye :)

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