Why don't women approach men?

I stopped approaching women because I got nowhere with them. I decided if a woman really likes me, then she will approach me. After so many rejections, I decided that if a woman doesn't approach me at all in my lifetime. It means god didn't have a spouse for me, and It's fine. Why don't women approach men? I'm 23 and I'm no longer approaching women, it gets me nowhere so they can come to me.


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  • Not many mack daddies are born. The difference between you and the guys getting some is that they took their rejections, learned from them, and moved on. Even the suavest, slickest guys out there say they get turned down more than 50% of the time. That makes sense, since not every girl out there necessarily wants to meet someone, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all. Your success is defined by your reaction to inevitable rejection. Even a hideous fat ugly pimply guy could get some if he didn't mind getting rejected a few thousand times before hitting paydirt.

    Look, you can sit here and complain. Nobody's going to stop you, it's not illegal, it's not even frowned upon. But it won't get you laid. Of course, you do need to make sure you have the basics down. I don't know you or what you look like, but general tips are to lift weights and jog, dress well (you cannot do this by shopping at wal-mart), get your hair done right at a salon, etc. There's other stuff that depends on you personally, I'm so hairy that if I were superficial enough to care about looks I'd need to use a hedgeclipper on my eyebrows and ears every couple weeks.

    • I'm not doing all that just so I can have a woman. I'll stay single if that's the case.

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    • shortay92 are retarded, slow or all of the above? I said I'm not doing it anymore, so don't tell Mr what to do!

    • i hope you are right, because it seems like "Game" is natural for most guys

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  • We've been approached since the beginning of time, why should we start now?

  • Because we're used to being approached. Not saying that's how things should be... but that's how they are.

    Good luck on giving up on finding someone.

  • I don't know for the majourity of girls but personally I don't see the point. I rarely ever am interested in someone

    • As of right now, I'm not interested in anybody.

    • What would make you interested?

    • I'm interested if someone is really intelligent and kind I guess. But I dot notice it unless he starts talking to me.

  • First I'm going to say you shouldn't just give up like that your 23 for heavens sake life is just starting and people haven't even fully matured yet but ill stop ranting and give my answer. For me it's a combo of 2 things:

    1) I like to pursued it makes me feel special like the guy actually cares enough to chase me. It's overall just a nice feeling for a girl.

    2) fear. It's a common thing that's if a girl goes up to a guy and is rejected it's kind of her reputation on the line that she wasn't attractive enough for a guy to want. Or if its a short relationship she could be labeled slutty and easy. Where if a guy approaches and he's rejected it's not such a big deal he's just going through the motion him and his buddies laugh it off. A girl has a lot more on the line of coming off in attractive or easy depending on how it plays out.

    • Suck it up and approach men. I'm sure not doing anymore, even if it means I'll die a lonely old man.

    • Was just trying to help I don't know why guys give up at such a young age but for sure whatever makes you feel comfortable dude do it. But if I was just to go off the way you responded to me I'd say that maybe the reason you had such a bad run is your kind of rude. But like I said I don't know you I'm just basing it off of how you reacted.

    • Go off on me then, you think I care what some random woman on the internet thinks of me. I could care less what you do. Tell it to someone who actually gives a sh*t what you think. Because I don't. Get off page, you pissed me off!

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  • They've been taught not to, and that they don't have to. Why risk your self-esteem when society isn't demanding you to make a move and put yourself out there?

  • Some do. I got approached a few times but usually the ones who approach are the bad looking ones.

  • because they don't have to, simple as that, easier to do nothing than it is to do something, life and society just made it that way and women can get away with it

  • The same reason we often have a hard time doing it, fear of failure

  • Because they are told not to and guys are always approaching so they see no need to

  • You will live a lonely life, and blame God for it. When the fault will be yours.

    • No I won't, maybe god wants me to be alone.