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Why is my male coworker hot and cold towards me?

First I should mention that there is absolutely no way we can date due to our circumstances. I have a boyfriend and plus workplace romances are... Show More

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  • Im assuming he felt the spark as well, and has feelings for you, he's trying to distance himself from you, because maybe you don't feel the same and plus you have a boyfriend, so he's jealous. Is it the spark thing where you lock eyes, your heart stops, and its just kind of like tunnel vision,& its just you two at that momment, and you just feel so much emotion? I've felt like that before, thought I was crazy or something lol.

    • Awww how cute was that description, lol...I never knew guys feel it too!.

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    • I'm not pursuing because I have been so confused by his behavior towards me. Example: he texted me a few times outside of work - funny texts & some work related texts (but those could have waited until I saw him the next day at work). But then after he met my boyfriend I sent him a text and he never responded to it and hasn't texted me since.Things like that (and there are tons more things like that) just confuse me and I feel like maybe I was reading into it too much. But your advice is helpful-ty!

    • oh god you have a boyfriend, well no wounder, the poor guy is heartbroken, I've personally experienced this, it does not feel good one little bit.

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  • I DONT Know who you are.. but you've just described almost the same scenario thats happened to me ! First off.. thank you for talking about the spark thing.. I've felt it with a co worker.. he looks at me and its like electricity in my body, its a powerful feeling, never really felt that way before, i though i was kinda nuts lol SO THANK YOU ! LOL Not the only one
    Second, in your case given you have a BF you need to honor that and walk away, because if you feel something then chances are you will get confused over your coworker and thats just gonna invite drama and problems. Now In my situation, this man was the same way, very hot and cold until i turned the hot and cold on him and now I'm just cold LOL One thing i dislike is inconsistency, and given he is a co worker i didn't want to jeopardize anything- also i don't know his relationship status... but the worst part is that i bump into him out side of work as well and now we don't even talk, perhaps its my fault, but my pint is i miss our little interactions at work however small they were.. his presence made me happy and when got along it was kinda of tender to have that bond... now we just have a cold wall in between :(

    If time goes by and this guy is still in your mind, the way my dude is in mines.. then you need to look into that and maybe explore it.. why deny your self of a possible happily ever after? ...

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