Why does my ex's friend keep hitting me up to "chill" or asking me out to dinner?

My ex and I were off an on for 3 years but we finally broke up a year ago and I Haven't spoken to him since we broke up besides a happy birthday. During on of our 5 months off period, I hooked up w this guy...not sex but we hung out and he kissed me and made it seem like he really liked me. Well shortly after that me and my ex got back together. But now that we've been separated for over a year, this guy has befriended my ex. I don't know if my ex knows this guy and I hooked up but they're friends literally out of no where. Yet, this guy hits me up probably once a month or so making small talk but each time he flirts w me and asks me to hang out or asks me out to dinner or something like that. So I'm just like wtf is this guy's deal? He's friends w my ex and parties w him and theyre "home boys" and sh*t so why would he be hitting me up like that? isn't that breaking guy code? does this guy have an alterior motive? I would never hang out w him but I just wanna know what the reason for his behavior is


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  • I dunno... This seems like a, "oh that's thingy's ex, so imma try and bang it"

    I would just becareful. Personally guy code is, not to touch a next mans girl, even if they are broken up. But If it was like 10 years ago, then its okay. But anything less then 10 years to me, is off limits.

    Yea he could be just trying to get it in. Seems like it. Especially if he's not asking you everyday to chill, and its just once a month. You know?...

    If you wanna chill with him go, if he gets up in your personal space, and you don't like it, stop him. If he can't stay off of you for at least 3 dates, then he's clearly just trying to have "fun" with you. Get what I mean?

    Its upto you. I would stay away, but its upto you.

    Please you know how many of my ex's friends asked me to chill after we broke up. What you think I don't know what they want? lol I just stayed away to not get a bad name going around about me. :)

    • Yeah I don't think I'm going to hang out with him. But for me I'm just like what is the whole purpose in trying to talk to me/ trying to have sex with me? like is he just trying to do so to prove a point or make my ex mad/jealous? I don't know whatever it is, I think its immature and dumb and I'm not falling for it

    • Tis exactly what you have said.

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  • Why do you think?

  • Guy code? lol anyway. He just likes you, take it or leave it.

  • It seems that he's starting to grow and like you.

    He's actually looking for something serious.


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  • Sounds like he just wants sex