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What are signs that he wants to hold your hand?

I feel stupid asking this as a 16 year old and not even having one boyfriend I'm just curious because my crush I like were walking down the river... Show More

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  • He probably wanted to hold hands, but was super nervous so he just wanted to be close to you. He probably recognizes you're not in a relationship with him so it might have been his way of trying to say "lets be in a relationship" also.

What Guys Said 2

  • Sure sounds like he wanted to! He was probably just too shy to grab your hand. I would say that the next time you get in that position to just go for it yourself. Some guys need a little push of encouragement.

What Girls Said 1

  • I do believe he wanted to:)

    And, BTW, I am 19, and yes, I have had "boyfriends" (in junior high, and freshman year.) But, I have never been in an actual relationship; my first actual "date" was within this last week.

    There is nothing wrong with taking your time dear!

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