What does it mean when a guy gives you a long hug? He knows I like him

We were both at a club and he saw me and I him. There was this pause and then one of us went in for a hug. I think it was him because I wouldn't have had the confidence. We hugged for a really long time and kind of rocked. Then, for the rest of the night he didn't acknowledge me and danced and kissed with another girl (who I know is just his friend) He looked over once and looked away, me doing the same loll.


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  • It means he was really enjoying hugging you. It depends on how he kissed the other girl. Even if they're officially 'just friends' he want might more from her. If he didn't kiss you I suspect he want his friend to become his girl friends but is keeping your hopes up so that if he fails to woo his buddy he'll have you as a back up.

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      Thank you very much : ) They're just friends but she's in love with someone back home and doesn't view him as anything more. I don't know if he knows that though. He dances with a lot of girls he knows as friends, but not me. I'll let you know what happens. One thing's for sure, guys are complicated, so thank you for helping! Take care