I told this girl I want to take things slow. Was that a good choice?

I'm 6 weeks out of a relationship. It ended with her completely dropping me. Out of nowhere. Anyways, 2 weeks ago, a girl messaged me on Facebook and we started casually talking. We hung out on Saturday, and she stayed the night. We had a really good time. Wet told each other were going to be... Show More

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  • "It ended with her completely dropping me"

    Don't let that happen again.

    "but we ended up having sex... "

    That's my boy.

    " I think we should take things a little slower, because I don't wanna ruin things between us."

    Not the best approach... Anyway.

    " to get her wrapped around my finger?"

    Pay close attention to my words:

    - Do not be afraid to let her go

    - Do not be afraid to let her go

    - Do not be afraid to let her go

    - Do not be afraid to let her go

    Am I crazy? No, what I mean is that you need to have enough maturity to assume your natural role in any relationship that you will have in your entire life: You are the Man.

    Be the Man in the relationship. Your previous experiences haven't turned out well, you've been dumped before and that has undoubtedly lowered your self esteem:

    "I want to make sure she really likes me first."

    See what I mean? Even though you've already had sex with this girl you're not sure whether she likes you or not. This is your broken ego talking, this is why you're afraid of losing this girl, and this is why you need to learn what Being the Man in a Relationship really is.

    You're a nice guy and you want to take things slowly. OK, being a nice guy is good, but being a nice guy without being a Man first is not. Women don't see the nice guy, they don't fall in love with the nice guy, they fall in love with the Man. The nice guy thing is just a mere bonus. Are you with me?

    Being a Man is more than just have the XY chromosomes. It's more than that. There are literally thousands of web sites dedicated to define, analyse, and discuss about Masculinity. Google them, read them, study them, learn on your own what our fathers didn't teach us. link

    Do not be afraid to let her go, and she will want to stay.

    • I commend you...I commend you...I commend you! haha

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    • Perfect answer.