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Girls, would you say yes to a guy who asks you out on a date even though you are not interested in him?

The reason I ask Is because recently me and my crush began having nice conversations and I plan to ask her out on a date in the days to come but I... Show More

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  • I would not go on a date with a guy I am not interested in. I would go out as a friend but I would make it clear that it's just dinner nothing else. I don't think it's nice to mislead people. But that's just me we are all different.

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  • No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want him to think I was interested if I wasn't.

  • I usually say no if I'm seriously not interested in him. But if I think that he's kinda cute and sweet, then I'll give him a chance. I don't necessarily have to be interested in him for him to get a date with me.

  • i would straight up ask her,conversation is the most important part in a relationship.why try to guess

  • If I'm not interested in the guy, then defiantly no. If I am interested in him as a friend, of course I will go to a place with them! And if I like them back, then it would be a date. Simple as that!

  • Obviously if she says yes she is interested in getting to know you better. That's where they decide if they would like to continue the relationship or not. The initial attraction is there if they say yes. Its up to compatibility after that.

  • if I don't like the guy then no I wouldn't wanna go out with him, but you never now...if the guy has a charming personality, then I might grow to like him you never know so ya I would be open and go for him lol

  • Noo :)

  • In general, I would agree to go on a date with a guy I wasn't interested in if asked. This is because he might prove to me otherwise on the date and because I feel that having the courage to ask should be rewarded.I wouldn't if the guy seemed creepy/a sex-pest or where there was NO possibility of us being together. Most girls wouldn't though and I would have at least some hope of having interest in him by going on a casual date.

  • noway I wouldn't! I have to be attracted to the guy in some way.. by personality mainly, and of course if he's average to cute looking :)

  • Saying yes to a free dinner does not mean you have to date the guy, so yes, a woman WILL go on a date without any interest at all. But that doesn't mean you can't MAKE her interested on the date.

  • sometimes

  • I would go the date but I would make sure I tell the guy I wasn't interested first.

    • nice, I had sex like that before, love you girls

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