Why would a man not be able to physically have sex?

I have been friends for several years with a guy and recently we have been spending more time together. There has been a lot of flirting and we even made out one night a few months ago. I always got a feeling of 'one foot in, one foot out' with him but didn't think too much of it. Recently I had been thinking of possibly taking our relationship to a more physical level based on the flirting and the chemistry we did have when we made out. When I approached him about it though he got visably upset and I was floored and confused. He shared with me that he is unable to physically be with a woman. I didn't push the issue since he was so upset and I do value his friendship above all else and want him to know he can trust me and talk to me. I am very confused though since the night we made out it was obvious he was attracted to me even though we kept all bottom clothes on. It sounds as if it is more of a medical issue possibly but I was curious if anyone could offer more insight.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) Is it possible he doesn't find you sex worthy? 2) Perhaps he finds you sexy but doesn't like your "baggage". 3) Or, he has a tiny unit? Its one of these. My money is on number 2.

    There is nothing than makes a penis act like a frightened turtle more than getting inside a womans brain. You friendship and sharing has scared him straight. That's why he turned white when you wanted to take it to the next level. We was picturing himself inside your universe. He prefers to talk you off the ledge, not to join you on it. ;-)