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Guys: is he trying to make me jealous

im not the jealous type but I want to know if he likes me or not so I can hurry up and move on already! lol im not a close friend buy very recently... Show More

my opinion of him is that he is shy around me and he does stutter when conversing with me on some days he fidgets so much around me,ive caught him secretly glancing at my face a few times,when I first met him -he's the one who initiated convo. with me,and asked me a dumb question-he asked me what chap. will be on the final>the thing is he is a genius and he also waited for me after another class to ask me that-there are other people in that class besides me why did he ask me...
im confused because I fanally started liking him back I already suspected that he liked me but now I feel like my emotions are clouding my judgement...i saw a few signs that he liked me-like last semester I told him I was having trouble keeping up with my studies and under pressure-so later he gives me a time management cd he made himself and said that he has a copy in his car and wanted to help me out as a friend...tbh that's the first time for me a guy has been so thoughtful

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  • First I didn't read the whole question. Sounds a lot like me. I lie about other girls well knowing the one I'm trying to court is nosey lol. Ask him straight up when he mentions this other girl ask for a name. Delayed response most likely means its you. answer mine please

    • he told me who -but she's graduating from college soon he asked me what should he do I gave him 2 options you know the other or to just forget her-he says he wants to but it will be a bitter and hard experience for him...

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  • He likes the girl. He's not making you jealous.

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  • Nora...hecslearly likes this girl, why are you confused? do you secretly hope its YOU he is referring too? I would not read into anything he says,he is being clear..he uses your name so you are listening to what he says...

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