Am I going to die alone?

Pros about me :

-good swimmer

-good singer (Well kinda)

-go to the gym 4 times a week hoping that muscles will make a girl attracted to me


-Ugly facial structure

-Ugly nose

-Ugly ears

-Pathetic loser

-Have never had female friends , a girlfriend , a kiss , a hug , a girl smile at me

-I can make guys laugh but I never made a girl laugh so I'm not funny

-i have an ugly accent

-I have very few friends where I currently live ( had a lot back home)

Note : I only go after girls I find unattractive because I'm not worth an attractive girls time

Will I die alone ?

This should have been a poll question :/

anyways please no telling me be confiBS

just a simple yes , you are pathetic or no , an old desperate woman will settle for you until she finds someone better


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  • Would you love an average/nice looking girl who was obsessed with the idea that she was ugly, that you didn't really like her, and the fear that she was going to die alone?

    Here's WHY confidence is important to girls:

    Girls like to feel like they can influence your emotions in a good way. In other words, we feel good about ourselves if we can make other people feel happy. In reverse, we like people more if we know that we make them happy.

    If a girl comes up to you (or even just comments on here) and tries to alleviate your mood, but you refuse to be cheered up, we get discouraged. We feel like failures and that our efforts are being sucked away into an emotional black hole.

    “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    Spread happiness. Everyone wants happiness. Therefore, if you sound happy, girls will want to know why and where you get your happiness, because they want to be happy too. THAT is how you attract girls. Muscles help, but not nearly as much as most guys think. Think about emotions logically if that's possible. Try to understand things from our perspective, plan your behavior accordingly, and you'll have a positive feedback with good results.

    Hope that helps :)

    PS: for the record - not pathetic! At ALL. You just need to snap out of your disillusion and return to thinking rather than feeling, and you'll be set!

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      well technically yes , its better than what I have now .

      no girl has complimented me or tried to elevate my mood . never (the girls on here don't know what I look like so its really false hope)

      Not really true :p if I kill someone close to them , they will remember + something I might have said to them might influence the way they feel about me

      how can I spread happiness when I get sh*t on everyday by the people(women) I want to make happy. I don't really get that impression . If I was happy

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      i have no idea what that metaphor means :p by the way can I add you on . There might be a few things I didn't say that I didn't say here becuase I didn't want anyone to see here

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      Haha it's not very exciting, but all I meant was: don't be your own worst enemy! :) (Benedict Arnold is one of the most famous traitors in American history, because he defected to the British during a critical time during the Revolution I believe? I forget. Anyway sure; I have no idea how to add you especially if you're anonymous but my user is sarahedmonds217.