Am I going to die alone?

Pros about me :-good swimmer -good singer (Well kinda)-go to the gym 4 times a week hoping that muscles will make a girl attracted to me Cons -Ugly facial structure -Ugly nose-Ugly ears-Pathetic loser-Have never had female friends , a girlfriend , a kiss , a hug , a girl smile at me -I can make guys laugh but I never made a girl laugh so I'm not funny-i have an ugly accent-I have very few friends where I currently live ( had a lot back home)Note : I only go after girls I find unattractive because I'm not worth an attractive girls timeWill I die alone ?

This should have been a poll question :/

anyways please no telling me be confiBS

just a simple yes , you are pathetic or no , an old desperate woman will settle for you until she finds someone better

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  • Would you love an average/nice looking girl who was obsessed with the idea that she was ugly, that you didn't really like her, and the fear that she was going to die alone? Here's WHY confidence is important to girls:Girls like to feel like they can influence your emotions in a good way. In other words, we feel good about ourselves if we can make other people feel happy. In reverse, we like people more if we know that we make them happy.If a girl comes up to you (or even just comments on here) and tries to alleviate your mood, but you refuse to be cheered up, we get discouraged. We feel like failures and that our efforts are being sucked away into an emotional black hole.“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Spread happiness. Everyone wants happiness. Therefore, if you sound happy, girls will want to know why and where you get your happiness, because they want to be happy too. THAT is how you attract girls. Muscles help, but not nearly as much as most guys think. Think about emotions logically if that's possible. Try to understand things from our perspective, plan your behavior accordingly, and you'll have a positive feedback with good results.Hope that helps :)PS: for the record - not pathetic! At ALL. You just need to snap out of your disillusion and return to thinking rather than feeling, and you'll be set!

    • Haha it's not very exciting, but all I meant was: don't be your own worst enemy! :) (Benedict Arnold is one of the most famous traitors in American history, because he defected to the British during a critical time during the Revolution I believe? I forget. Anyway sure; I have no idea how to add you especially if you're anonymous but my user is sarahedmonds217.

    • i have no idea what that metaphor means :p by the way can I add you on . There might be a few things I didn't say that I didn't say here becuase I didn't want anyone to see here

    • I'm empathetic, but you're exactly right. The thing you need to fight here is not a person, but your own mindset. Read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win friends and Influence people". Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. If you pity yourself, you're giving yourself a handicap.You know the world is going to tear you down; don't be a Benedict Arnold against yourself. Build yourself up for your own satisfaction. Atlas Shrugged is another good book that might help!

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  • u won't I hope

    • Sorry :* Good Luck then

    • that doesn't really warrant much :p

  • Try telling yourself good things every morning. Smile. Think "DAMN I look AMAZING today!" even though you might not mean it, say it! Don't say it sarcastic. Try literally meaning it. Some day, you'll be able to see it.

  • Don't you ever talk like that about yourself again! No one deserves to be treated like you treat yourself! I know it's a cliché, but seriously love the man you are! Smile, be confident. I'm sure the reason why you feel lonely is because you are so negative. Please, please, please treat yourself right!

    • Oh, but try to maintain contact with your friends. Have you had the same haircut for a long time? Get a new one, that you feel will be great on you! Try listening to new music? Do you have a hobby? If not get one! Just try new stuff in general, and please follow my advice (the answer above)!

    • not much , internet there is bad , and time zone differences

    • I know but you wrote that you had a bunch of friends "back home". Do you still talk to them?

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  • Sorry, but you're going to get the confidence "BS", because that really is what it comes down to. And due to your very depressing post, I'm going to be a little harsh and give you some tough love.You are pathetic. Why? Because you say that's the way it is.I mean, if you're wanting to get attention from girls, advertise yourself right! It's just like an advertisement on T.V. Are you going to want to pick up an air freshener that says "I smell terrible, I look terrible, nobody will like me!"? NO.You are going to go for the air freshener that says "I smell GREAT. I look FANTASTIC. Your friends will be jealous!" You know?I don't know if that metaphor was very good. But. Take it. xPYou have an accent? BRILLIANT. Girls LOVE accents. Use it to your advantage! I wish to God that I had an accent.There is a reason you always, ALWAYS see ugly guys with beautiful girls. It is because these ugly guys carry themselves with confidence. Sometimes too much confidence, and I find them repulsive. But that's not the point!I would look into counselling, because I think it could definitely help you. You clearly have some self esteem issues and it is not shameful to see a therapist. I think it could work wonders for you.

    • i can tell you through message if that's ok

    • Don't care what other people think. Okay? Stop worrying about girls. I don't know how old you are or anything about you, but get your life together first. Go to school, gain some maturity, some confidence in yourself, work on your language skills. And then things will fall into place. Please trust me on this. Stop being so hard on yourself. Just live life being happy. Why do you NEED a girl?

    • well I'm called weak if I don't constantly approach women( even though I don't like being the one who is supposed to do it )

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  • Do you know Nick Vujicic? He has no arms and legs, yet he is married with a beautiful wife and they just had their first child. Why? Because his mindset is amazing! YOU are a healthy young man who can do anything with the right mindset! There's nothing there to stop you except for yourself. Taking it so to heart what people say. If a woman tells you you are so ugly you should jump of a building. Why the heck would you listen to someone like that? First of, these kind of woman are shallow, superficial, immature, NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. So please, these kind of woman you should not want to get attention from. Why did you post this question if you only want to hear "yes you are pathetic" or "no, an old desperate woman will settle for you until she finds someone better". This is obviously what you expect for yourself in the future. Unless you are willing to open up and find the deeper cause for your insecurity, you should not engage on this forum. I hope you'll one day realize there is so much more to a person than a pretty face.PS. That person that suggested plastic surgery: NO! What a terrible comment indeed. Has she even considered what would happen after a failed surgery? Also, plastic surgery is NOT the answer and the path to feeling happy and confident!

    • i wish the girls here in my uni would think so too

    • If you believe 'women', as in all women, hate you because of your face then you are just as shallow thinking as these women that hate your face. Sorry, but no one can help you if you don't want to be helped. You need to snap your fingers and get out of this dellusion that appearance is everything. Honestly, you need to realize that in this world it is the heart that truly matters.

    • i know that there is more to it , but women hate me because of my face

  • lol, you sure know how to ask a question. And no, just because you think you're ugly does not mean that you're going to end up being alone. Believe it or not, not all girls go for the looks, sure looks attracts girls but it's the guy's personality that keeps them coming. No girl wants an airhead with just good looks for a boyfriend.

    • Oh no, I accidentally downvoted instead of up! Stupid tablet touch screen :-(

    • Oh... Then find another dating site where you don't have to share your email..? And I'm sorry.. :/ but trust me that not all girls are like that. I know a lot of girls who fell for 'geeks' or not good-looking guys so it's not all about the looks

    • oh no no no , she found out what I look like using the email on there to find my Facebook and she never spoke to me again

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  • That's up to you

    • Then there you go

    • i have no friends where I live . I'm pathetic

    • Yes its also up to you whether or not you will be so worried about youraelf that you forget to live your life and never make mmories with those you love. People ate guarded and don't love easy. You have yo sjow them its woryh risking falling for you. Plus if you're a good person then you'll alays have friends surrounding you anx won't die alone . So your call

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  • i f***ed a really ugly guy before I f***ed him because to me he was handsome he was handsome in my eyes because he was confident at least acted point is when it comes down to it . it's all about character it might sound stupid and unrealistic and it might always seem like a myth but it's not so built up that confidence girls can smell your low self esteem bro

    • no he was ugly and is uglier ..point is don't matter if you are ugly beauty is in the eye of the beholder bro if you want a girl to want you in every aspect or at least sexually you got to work on your self esteem when there is beauty in the inside it always reflects in the outside and always catches one's attention not everyone but there is always that one beautiful girl that will notice that light reflecting through

    • so he was good looking ?

    • no I found him ugly after I found out he just wanted to screw me and that he was a dirty big hope grabber!Greedy little fit haver Jaded bitter joy crushe ass whole . that's when I saw him for who he truly was which was ugly in and out

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  • Don't think so low of yourself. You will find someone who will want to be with you. And when you do go after them and get to know them. And if some of the "attractive" girls don't like you, they are probably the ones who only like the jocks, or the more popular, rich guys. So don't go after them. The girls that find you attractive will like you for who you are. Just be comfortable with yourself. Go out and make some new friends, some girls. It'll help build up your courage to be able to talk to different people.Hope this helped :)

    • Well if there are people that will like you only if you change then they aren't right for you.Their loss if they don't. The right person will come and like you for who you are, not who they want you to be.

    • thats kind of the problem . No one likes me for me

    • Don't think that about yourself. Everyone is different in their own way and if you don't look like some jock or male model, it doesn't matter. Half of the models don't even look like themselves on the cover based on all the photoshop that goes into it. Just be comfortable with who are no matter what you look like. And your life isn't pathetic. Some people get girls easier than others. Find people that like you for you :)

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  • Until you learn to love yourself, no one else will be able to love you.

    • fat people can get away with it because girls think they can make them work out

    • I fell head over heels for this guy who was overweight with bad teeth, just because he had so much self confidence.

    • thats a cliche , would you love an ugly guy who loves himself ?

  • No, trust me there is someone for everyone. Just try not to be so hard on yourself because that's really unattractive. Women like confidence, so cheer up, smile and don't worry so much. And accents are sexy so instead of bashing it, embrace it. You will be surprised how many people will change their attitudes towards you, if you'd only change your attitude towards yourself

    • what exactly will change ? That's the problem , I want someone to be attracted to me

    • Women don't hate you, they're simply just not attracted to you. Big difference. Have confidence and love yourself. Things will change for you if you do , I'm serious.

    • so in reality even when I believed I was worth something , women still hated me

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  • Bad attitude - I haven't seen what you look like but you sound unattractive as you're so negative! Women like confidence and a good sense of humour so man up and stop being so down on yourself

    • You might have had private teachers but the longer you keep at it, the better results you see, even if it takes years - you've got nothing to lose

    • ive had private speech teachers . that didn't help . I highly doubt YouTube would

    • Ok, we'll I'm sure YouTube speech therapy videos will help. Good luck

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  • Love your self first to make people like you. First,You're so pessimistic you have to remove the idea that you're ugly and girls told you're ugly and all of this bad things. Look to the bright side you're a good swimmer and go to gym and I'm sure there're another things cause god creates us equal. Someday you will find a girl who deserves you and it's not all about the look. And don't worry about your accent it will get better(I'm arabic and my niece lived in America her accent got better)

    • Good point. What else can we say?

    • Ok, as you like. Live a pathetic life as you are.what else can I say?

    • but its the fact that I'm living a pathetic college life and everybody dates except me

  • "just a simple yes , you are pathetic or no , an old desperate woman will settle for you until she finds someone better" so in either case you're negative and you expect everyone here to tell you how f***ed up you are?! There's always hope and chance for everything but it's the state of mind that has to adjust to this concept first. If you believe that the glass is always half empty and can never see it half full at least try to see it as a glass of water - be realistic. In reality you gotta work on this negative views you have for yourself and ignore them and work on "confiBS" cause it is important. Sooner or later you won't be ignoring it anymore and with time will be actually happy with who you are and how you look like.Simple "Yes" you're pathetic goes to your current state atm which can always be changed.

    • Why do you care what people say and think about you? Stop care about that. Also if you don't like yourself no one will like you. Negativity often often makes everything seem negative. How do you know there aren't people who think you're cool, maybe you just don't notice them. Another thing is that negativity usually signals negativity. It's not magical to change from one day to another and you shouldn't try to change yourself just kill the negativity. At least try. Takes time but is possible...

    • its kinda hard to believe it when I get treated like crap everyday though:/

    • No one tells you to be delusional! You must try to get rid of the negativity ignore it! The rest will come with time. Besides you really need to BELIEVE that you're confident and fairly happy, and not THINK you are. That's why I wrote to be realistic. Living in fantasies won't help either! When you start think about how "ugly" you are just try to do something that will make you forget about it atm. Also forget the mirror if you must or until you're ready to like what's there!

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  • It doesn't matter how you look, if there's chemistry or a spark between you and a girl then sth could happen but you should put in mind that girls don't like guys who think bad about themselves and this could affect not only your relationships but your life in general. You shouldn't see yourself as a pathetic loser and don't assume you're not good enough for a good looking girl just because of these little things you stated and if you didn't focus so much on your cons, girls won't either. Some girls could even see that's cute you haven't kissed or hugged a girl before and girls love accents, trust me. You don't sound as bad as you think just get it out of your head that you are unworthy

    • its an arabic accent (which is very unclear) . A girl knows this about me and she laughed at me and called me a loser

  • Don't know about you but there are Asian girls have cosmetic surgery to change all that,would you be open to cosmetic surgery if life is so unbearable for you.

    • when all fails, and people don't give a damn about people who are not attractive. It may be a last result. Seen it happen to some girls... are you familiar with xia xue or dawn yang? they were just ordinary girls living their life until it got better. Just showing you another path but I wouldn't go down that path.

    • mine or hers ?

    • that is the most superficial comment I've ever seen!

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  • I think it is so nice of these people to be so supportive of you- I really do. The fact that you will insist on being miserable and that you will argue with them when they try to give you advice or words of encouragement that YOU ASKED FOR is no reflection on them at all. I remember when I first encountered you, I was nice, too. But you fought me at every turn, and every goddamn time you post this sh*t and people try to be nice to you, I feel sorry for them and you make me even more sick. And yes- I do believe you will die alone, because I believe it's what you really want, deep down. I think you are too eaten up with your weird urge to be a victim. I don't even know you and I'm tired to death of you- I can't imagine how the people who actually know your Eeyore-ass feel. Dude, stop doing this. Get some therapy- you really, really need it. This sh*t isn't healthy- unless, of course, you are nothing but a troll. Which is also possible. But really- get help. Check with your health department, see if they can put you onto some kind of mental health facility where you can get some treatment. If you don't have any money, there are a lot of places that will do a sliding scale for payment.

    • its a simple yes no question

    • im not asking for confiBS

  • no you won't die alone I have male friends they came to me.i never had a boy friends so yes I know how that feels like at least you have a kind heart and that will help you .be like the other people say who will love you if you don't love your self who will love you

    • no you won't die alone I have male friends they came to me.i never had a boy friends so yes I know how that feels like at least you have a kind heart and that will help you(I think)

    • what ?

  • Honestly, the only thing wrong with you is your attitude. Get a hobby and quit worrying about finding a relationship. Trust me for my own experiences, it is when you are least focused on falling in love that you do. But no one will love you if you don't love yourself. And you're the only one that can fix that problem.

  • No, I think you are being too hard on yourself. I personally do not care about looks at all, I'm guilty of finding people attractive and unattractive but that wouldn't stop me from dating or being with anyone. I actually perfer getting to know people before I know what they look like. It's the personality that has made me attracted to people, I'm sure you're a fine young man. :) Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll find a mate one day!

    • Well duh, everyone goes through hard times, I've had my fair share. But complaining and dwelling on it does not solve anything, correct? Only from therapy and meditation have I been able to accept happiness. Life truly is what you make of it.

    • Honestly, do you think the key to happiness is succcesful dating? You think that once you date succesfully you will not be crying in bed anymore? I swear, you will find another way to beat yourself up, because you are missing a very important key in life: happiness comes from within. Do not ever rely on other factors than yourself to gain your happiness.

    • while everybody dates and has fun , I cry in bed :/

  • Yes. If you think you suck that's all anyone else will see too. You know yourself best!Looks don't matter if you have confidence. Get one or the other and you'll do alright.

    • because they are decent-good looking so girls like them

    • Well, they have what you want... I"m telling you how they do it - confidence.

    • are you really defending them ?

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  • Well first off it's great you have a very fit/active body. But don't you think you are being too hard on yourself? I bet you have a cute accent.

    • no its arabic

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  • Well damn son. I know I am going to be single forever but don't annihilate yourself like that.

  • Confidence is not BS, you'd be surprised how far confidence goes. A woman likes to feel safe and being with a guy who can deal with anything. Work on yourself and stop expecting women to fall deeply in love at first sight, those are porky pies.

  • Even if you'r not actually ugly, with that attitude, yes you may well die alone.You may think confidence is BS, but the experiences of literally billions of men in the course of human history suggest otherwise.

    • to my face ?

    • If you had anything like the right attitude, women wouldn't dare to call you ugly to your face, and you wouldn't care enough to ask.

    • how can I be confident when I know and I've been told by women that I am ugly ?

  • You just have to put yourself out there. You have to be willing to ask girls out, you have to be willing to get rejected because not all girls will say yes to you, in fact most will say no. Most of the time its nothing personal, maybe they have a boyfriend, maybe they are not looking for someone at the moment or any number of things.Think of a salesmen. Most of the people he tries to sell his product to will say no, so he tries to sell to as many people as he can because if the talks to enough people, someone will buy from him. Asking girls out is the same way.Start off by going up to a girl, it can be any girl. It can be someone from schoo, or a random girl at the mall or other public place. Ask for directions somewhere, then once you have her attention say, "I lied, I really just wanted to come and meet you. What's your name?"

    • i don't tell them I'm ugly . THey just treat me like garbage and either ignore me or reject me

    • How many girls do you talk to and do you make your intent clear? You called yourself a loser, so I would say your main problem is your mentality. If you don't see value in yourself, how can you expect girls to?

    • i never said I don't talk to girls