Why Do I Feel Like My Girlfriend is Avoiding/Ignoring Me?

So this all started two months ago when she confessed to me. We were best friends since 5th grade and now we're in 8th. Anyways, we were on our spring break and she suddenly texted me telling me that she liked me. We started dating a week after that. She has been a great friend before that and I know literally everything about her. She tells me when she's in a bad mood, when she has her period and all that. We were happy until 2 to 3 weeks ago, I felt like she started avoiding me; both at school and on gmail/whatsapp. I have told her multiple times about her being so moody and she simply said it was her period. But that was almot 3 weeks ago, how could her period last THAT LONG? Then she started to ignore all my texts, nor does she talk to me at school, not even a simple wave. And most importantly, she is never on gmail ever again! We don't even talk anymore now. I asked her about that but she said it was her parents. (her parents are rich/famous as hell in Asia and also really protective/strict so she isn't allowed to date) I wasn't too aware of this until yesterday. Yesterday, a friend of mine said he had to tell me something about my girlfriend's ex. And that what he was about to tell me would make me heartbroken. He didn't tell me at last but that has kept me up all night. Of course he could very well be sh*tting me but all of this is just killing me. As you can see I'm really f***ing paranoid Because I really love her and she seriously means a lot to me. I jut want some advice from you guys and maybe a few ways to tell if she's cheating or just plain avoiding me. Thanks for your time and any help is much appreciated!


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  • Sounds like she gave you some signs to stop contacting her.I am sure she wanted to be honest but she doesn't want to upset or disappoint you.In your case my guess is she doesn't want her family to find out about the relationship because she knows they won't approve it.I don't think she is cheating.There is a high chance this is about her family.Give her some times.If she keeps remaining silent then I am sorry to tell you there is nothing you can do about it.You can send her a last message and tell her that you guys need to talk and you willing to listen to whatever reasons she is ignoring you.Tell her you are ready for anything.I hope she will consider replying you.

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