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How do I get my coworker to stop hugging me?

Don't get me wrong, I love her to death. She is a fantastic person and we get along great (no homo). She just has a very...let's call it, motherly... Show More

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  • I think the only way to deal with this is be upfront with her and let her know it is NOT anything personal and you hope that she understands you are just the type of person that doesn't like to be touched. If she has a problem with that she obviously doesn't have respect for your personal space and that's not your fault. You shouldn't feel guilty for wanting your space that you're entitled too. If you don't want to confront her I would explain all of this to your manager/boss whatever... as you explained to us, and see if s/he will talk with her.

    She may take this personally but she may also be more understanding than we think.

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  • The next time she comes to hug you tell her with a face that has a mixture of bitterness and begging and with a similar tone that you do not like hugs. You can be more specific and tell her I do not like YOUR hugs.

    I wonder which will you choose?

What Girls Said 5

  • In order for her to stop you need to let her know that you don't like being touched.

    I am a hugger but even I don't do it as much as she does! If someone is bothered by it or ever asks me to stop I don't or will not touch them. It's absolutely fine to have boundaries and other people should always respect your personal space.

    Let her know gently that while you don't mind her friendliness you are a person who feels uncomfortable being touched by others and hopefully that is the very end of it for you. ^__^

  • my family isn't touchy feely either, and a friend I had wanted to be all over me, like hugging me or sitting next to me with our sides touching and stuff like that. I hated it too! so what I did was just be honest. I told her that my family isn't like that so that you feel uncomfortable, she apppreciated my honesty so she stopped doing it.

  • just every time say "ohh my (stomach, back, etc.) hurts" soon she will associate hugging you with making you feel pain and hopefully will stop.

  • Just tell her that you don't feel comfortable being touched frequently,and politely request that she stop.That's it.Its simple.Not difficult at all.

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