Do men find stretch marks un-attractive

I have stretch mark on my stomach. I feel very self conscious about them. And I was wondering if men really find them un attractive?

Thank you all I'm a single mom and I think about what someone will think every time I start to see some new


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  • If this is your biggest concern- I am delighted for you.

    Nothing like that is EVER a game changer. I personally could care less.

    I am much more looking to see whether you are nice... intelligent... and a cool person to be around. I am looking in your eyes... and at your smile.

    If your stretch marks stem from childbirth- wear them as a badge of honor. Damn! Being a mom? That's a big deal you went through!

    Did you lose a lot of weight? Another badge of honor! Look at what you accomplished!

    There are far worse things to worry about than stretch marks.

    Don't let them bother you so much. If you forget about them- and shine- THAT'S what people are going to notice.

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What Guys Said 6

  • Stretch marks are no big deal at all. Don't worry about it.

  • I wouldn't care

  • not really

  • its an imperfection

    to have different tones and textures on your skin

    but there's no such thing as don't have to worry about it unless you want to become a model

  • I guess they are unattractive, but it's not a deal breaker. I don't mind really.


What Girls Said 7

  • Well of course to SOME men they will be unattractive whether they admit it or not. Just like when questions like these are asked about boob size, weight, hair color, or whatever else about the physical appearance. Everyone has their preferences and some shallow people are picky (men and women). BUT a man worth your time will love you for you and not even think about those things. Stretch marks are pretty common and not such a big deal in my opinion. I had some that faded in time and aren't noticeable now.

    Don't feel bad about yourself for something you can't control, focus on your good qualities and just love yourself for those(:

  • I would say guys wouldn't notice them, my dad has no idea what stretch marks are

  • Almost every person has stretch marks or has at least HAD them at some point or another, I highly doubt the person will give it a second thought, if they don't and say something hurtful about them, then theyre acting a bit childish. I strongly encourage you to check out these products here: link




    Amazon has them cheaper than the site itself, try them and see what you think :) Good Luck!

  • most don;t

    and if they do, f*** them.

    As long as you're healthy it doesn't matter.

  • i don't think guys would care

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