Do men find stretch marks un-attractive

I have stretch mark on my stomach. I feel very self conscious about them. And I was wondering if men really find them un attractive?

Thank you all I'm a single mom and I think about what someone will think every time I start to see some new


Most Helpful Guy

  • If this is your biggest concern- I am delighted for you.

    Nothing like that is EVER a game changer. I personally could care less.

    I am much more looking to see whether you are nice... intelligent... and a cool person to be around. I am looking in your eyes... and at your smile.

    If your stretch marks stem from childbirth- wear them as a badge of honor. Damn! Being a mom? That's a big deal you went through!

    Did you lose a lot of weight? Another badge of honor! Look at what you accomplished!

    There are far worse things to worry about than stretch marks.

    Don't let them bother you so much. If you forget about them- and shine- THAT'S what people are going to notice.