If a guy rarely initiates the texting, does this mean he isn't interested?

I have a crush on this guy whom I usually invite to hang out with me and my friends. Every time I ask him to hang out, he did hang out with me. He asked me to hang out with him alone a few times too. However, he rarely initiates the contact and seems like I am the one who is always initiating the contact and if I don't, we wouldn't talking to each other. Does this mean he isn't interested?


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  • I think he's interested. He's probably just a busy guy or he's kind of shy hence why he doesn't seem to initiate contact. But notice that when you do ask him to hang out, he almost always manages to find the time for it. Remember, he could have said "no" when instead he said "yes". The reality though is that based on your information there isn't enough to tell whether the guy does want to pursue a relationship with you or not, but what's clear is that you (as a person) are cool, approachable, and interesting enough that this guy doesn't mind hanging out with you when you ask for it. I think that, in itself, is a good sign. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Take your time, don't immediately jump to conclusions...

  • if he spends time with you when you invite him, then he is interested. as for the texting there could be lots of reasons or no reason at all, guys just don't talk as much as girls do. it's easy to get into a pattern where one person usually contacts the other, doesn't mean he isn't looking forward to your call/text. I wouldn't worry about it, good luck :)


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