Guys: should I dye my hair? how attractive is natural red hair on a scale of 1-10?

My hair is naturally strawberry blond which is basically a lighter faded orange color. I have never dyed my hair but I want to dye it a reddish brown color. should I dye it or should I leave it natural? on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how attractive is natural red hair on girls? Also as a side note, short or long hair? curly or straight? what are your prefrences on girls hair?


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  • If you want to do it then do it, it's not like you'll never get your natural hair color back. For me red heads aren't something I go for, I prefer darker hair. There are plenty red heads that I'm attracted to don't get me wrong lol but I'd say a 5. I also prefer straight hair usually. On a side note, it's the cutest thing ever when I see girls wearing their hair up and have one of the headbands on.

    • bun or ponytail?

    • Either, I like both. In regards to having the hair up with that headband thing, I think bun.

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  • Well for me red hair on girl is a 10, it's really one of my only specific preferences over all others. Though I don't really care about length or whether it's straight or curly.

  • Your current hair color is just fine and red would fit good as well, your choice

    There is no simple answer how attractive is some certain hair color - it's just.. whether it fits to you or not

    For example: how good do you think, blond hair fits to



    Nicki Minaj

    See my point?

  • It is a 10 for me. I love natural red heads.

  • #1 Blonde...#2 Red...#3 Black...#4 Brown. Natural color is the best. I prefer long and curly hair. Most women look better when they wear their hair up.

    • I don't like perms, at all.

    • what do you mean by up? are buns good or bad? or do you mean ponytails or something else?

    • Just as long as it is up. Style doesn't matter.

  • Redheads are one of my most coveted features. Some guys may not like it, but many guys do and would do anything to keep a redhead.

  • i don't think you should dye it

  • I think you should keep the red hair.

    I like both lengths. I like long hair and I like the bob hairstyles.

    I prefer straight or lightly curled.

  • Well the hair in your profile picture is attractive. I would prefer longer hair and I have no preference for curly or straight hair


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  • If the girl in your avatar is you, then I suggest you to leave it as it is. It's very pretty and it suits you.

  • I'd say about an 8

  • i love your hair color I wouldn't change it, mine is super black and I don't like ti at all ahha well sometimes.

  • i think you shouldn't dye your hair