Why did Lucifer turn against god?

I have heard many reasons, he was prideful and wanted to be higher than god, or he refused to bow down to Jesus Christ b.c he saw him as a "man," God told him that people were just as worthy as angels and he didn't want to bow down to hummanity, etc.

the thing is I"m not christian but I am very interested int his, so does anybody actually know what the true reason is?

but wait why did god think mankind was perfect when there's so many sins and stuff that we commit?


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  • Lucifer was originally an angel, just like the others, but within him was planted this strange idea of wanting to be exactly like God, if not even better. It was pretty much jealousy which lead him to become Satan.. wanting to be God is a sin so he was condemned eternally for that.

    thats the true reason:)

    ok for your update question:) God never thought of us as perfect. what happened was, he created adam and eve perfect, without sin. BUT he also gave them free will to test their faith. when they were tempted by Satan, this was known as Adams fall and this is why sin now exists in the world as punishment.

    then, all these other generations started emerging, and Adams sin stil remained... the only way we could be saved from sin is if God did something about it. God was the only one who could do anything since He is the only sinless one.

    This is why He came down to die for all of humanity on the cross. the plan of salvation was one of ultimate love. his blood paid the price for our freedom, so that we wouldn't all go to hell even if we were righteous.

    sorry if I babbled on, I hope that cleared things up a little=]

    • aw thanks hun=]

      i just wanna say that all of what I said is the most accurate since the bible was written over a period of almost 2000 years, and I'm fairly well educated about it=]

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  • Lucifer believed French women were goddesses. I can understand his point of view.

  • Pride and feel of need of Dominants over everything and everyone got him, that's why god cast him out alone with his 33% angels that joined Satan side over gods. You can't put your self above all, no matter how big, smart, beautiful you are and simply declare that you are the best of the best of the best. These things chance people, people forget who gave them all of their powers or brains or size or looks or whatever you can name. It came from one person, God. People maybe found a way to work their way to their maximum to get whatever they want, but at the end of the day, those gifts came from one person ONLY, and that is GOD!

  • Since I am a Muslim, the following is according to the Islamic narrative.

    He refused to bow to Adam with the other Angels because Adam was created from mud and Satan was created from Fire ( He was not an Angel.. he worshipped among the angels but he was not one of them.. angels don't have free will and they can't sin .. what the bible call fallen angels are Jinn another separate creatures made from fire.. Lucifer was a believing Jinn that turned a disbeliever .. Jinn has free will like humans .. however they are created from fire and not Mud. Angels are created from Light . ) . He regarded Fire as a more noble element and thus he thought he was better than to bow to a creation from Mud. He felt he was being humiliated .

    His sin was simply racism . The sin that made satan a satan .


    Humans were made in the best of shape.. not perfect for everything but perfect for their intended purpose.. however .. they are given free will.. thus their thoughts aren't perfect . Our human body is a perfect creation for our purpose on earth . But our soul is an evidence to the test we are put through.. to believe or not to believe. To do good or to do evil.. to be racist or not.. to be selfish or not etc ...

  • He was jealous. He wanted to rise above the most high, and rule in the seat of God as the master of the cosmos

  • "And he spake to the lord: "F*ck it, YOLO""

    ... Sorry, I just had an urge to... You know when... S-Sorry...

  • I find it highly amusing that the "God" from the old testament is a bloodthirsty maniac and that their "devil" is called "Bringer of Light" in Latin - with no records of ever having killed anyone

    Just saying

    • who on Earth said God was a bloodthirsty maniac in the Old Testament? if you have no idea what the f*** your talking bout don't say anything-.-

    • Just read your own book and then comment, your denial is hardly amusing - murdering innocent people and even children pretty much makes someone a bloodthirsty maniac according to me

  • i don't think any of this happened, I think it's mythology...just like the story of hercules. I enjoy the bible for it's stories, but I don't think you should take it literally. to me, it's a scare tactic.

  • the story is bullsh*t,you know,just mythology.

    the story was made up by primitive men and there is no truth in it.just think about it this way:

    suppose the story were true,then lucifer knew he had no chance to succeed in his rebelion against god because he knew that god is infinitely more powerful than him so he would have done anything god asked him to do because logically he wouldn't want to be punished by the infinitely powerful beeing ie his master ie god his creator!therefore this story is pure mytholgy!

  • He created us perfect in the beginning. He also gave us free will. When the devil deceived adam and eve into eating the forbiddent fruit. We died to holiness at that moment.


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  • Lucifer wasn't an angel he was a genie. And the reason het urged against God was because of pride. Corrupts people it is does. He was vain. He was the one who served God the most yet when it came to bowing down to someone who he considered inferior to him he refused his creators command. Hence he became fallen.

  • this is what I was taught. God wanted all of his angels to bow down to humankind, because he created man in his own image and he deemed man to be perfect. the angel lucifer was angry, he didn't want to bow to a man made out of dust when he himself was made out of fire. he was very prideful and although god loved him more than any of the other angels, God cast him down from heaven into hell. lucifer, also known as satan, rules from hell. His main purpose is to make humans fail in any possible way, showing God how imperfect his allegedly perfect creations are.

    i feel like I'd make a good pope.

    • ahh okay

      so the initial thing that made him turn was the second "meeting of angels" right?

    • i don't know what that refers to, sorry :/

    • God never asked angels to bow down to human kind?