Girls, how do you act in front of your crush?

There's this girl (18) who I work with and I think she may like me and I like her too. she's a little shy and acts weird around me. A few times when she saw me she ran away and she never makes eye contact with me. I think she may be afraid to talk to me but is pretty talkative around other people.

What do you think? Does she like me?

Oh and she's started to wear revealing clothing and I'm the only guy she works with who doesn't have a girlfriend. Is this a sign?


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  • I've never been AFRAID of a crush, but at times I've portrayed the most ineffective technique possible--ignoring them and pretending they don't exist. I usually do this if it is someone I know I don't have a chance with, or it is someone I know I shouldn't want (usually just because they are trouble, or I'm already with someone and shouldn't be pursuing the in the first place) so I don't acknowledge their existence so I don't even tempt myself to do something I know I shouldn't. I don't know if others are like this or if I'm just a freak. She may very well like you but it is hard to be sure.

    • You're definitely not the only one. I had a girl do this with me, but she looked like she's afraid though I could see the anxiety and nervousness. She would always walk away if I was near. Check my comment at the answer above ^


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  • Well if you like her, next time go and ask her out. She likes you, she acts exactly like me when I have a crush on somebody.

    • So I also like a girl that acts like you. How do I ask her out if she's always avoiding me, I can't get a hold of her? And when I did, she said yes, but later changed her mind telling me a stupid excuse. It's not going to work.

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    • Always hope for the best, but meantime keep other options open ;)

    • Exactly my idea!

  • I think she likes you.. girls are usually shy about things things like that, sometimes their hearts tend to beat so fast around their crush and it gets unbearable sometimes so they try to make their distance. they're just afraid they might make something embarassing around u, you have to assure her that she shouldn't be shy, because you like her the way she is... all she needs is an assurance from u, if you really do like her...

    • What do you mean by 'assurance'. I am unable to 'assure' her of anything if I can't talk with her. And I don't want to be creepy, follow her around, wait for her to 'accidentally' bump into her and 'force' her to talk.

    • u just have to talk to her casually, you know start it to somethign simple, and when the two of you got comfortable with each other, tell her you like her. what I mean about assurance is that if she really likes you and you like her, you need to assure her that she is fine just the way she is, girls can be so conscious around their crush

    • I get what you mean, and that was my initial plan, but it didn't work out because she didn't provide me with any opportunity to talk to her casually. I can't assure her of anything if I can't talk to her in person. When I'm in the nearby and she spots me, she moves away which makes me feel ignored, while on chat she used to converse with me fine. Now that I've stopped initiating contact, it's not there anymore.

  • nervous not afraid but a lot of girls make a point of ignoring or keeping away from someone they have a crush on that they think they haven't got a chance with

    • So if she always tries to ignore/avoid me, there's a chance she may like me? Why do girls do this?

    • I had a girl do this to me and I still don't know what her deal was with me. I asked her out but she continued to act like that, which was really weird. If she thought she didn't have a chance with me, once I had asked her out that would have changed? I knew she was single. I think there was some social anxiety.

      Maybe she liked me but knew she shouldn't be with me, whatever the reason. Or she truly didn't like me and that's why she avoided me. I'll die and never know.

    • im a girl but I don't have a clue why

  • Haha if I did have a crush on someone I would probably act similar but everyone's different so the best way is talk to her.

    • Hey thanks for the answer but why would you run away? Haha

    • my exaggerated thoughts would be: omg I'm gonna say something really stupid that I'll regret for my entire life! Ahh, let's get out before anything happens. haha

  • it might not be a sign at all.

  • depends I maybe shy


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