Guys: what's with fake dog tag necklaces? And girls do you actually find them attractive?

i keep seeing full grown men and older teens wearing like fake dog tags tht say stupid sh*t on them why is this aren't dog tags supposed to be for BODY IDENTIFICATION on the battlefield?

i don't mean like they have fake soldiers names on them but theyll have two dogtags tht will have a cross on them or like their favorite video game insignia...

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  • people do stupid things to things that are actually quite serious or useful. how many guys know who che guevara really was? how many know why some people sagged their pants? why do some wear steel-toe boots? jeans? uggs?

    • i suppose and I suppose if everyone agreed on everything there would be nothing to argue aboutand yea some fashion trends exist for some stupid reason this one being a prime exampletht was a good argument and I apologize if you got super pissed or anything like tht...

    • that's not the point,like I said,the truth isn't important in this case-the important thing is that people ignore the history of certain things and make it ''fashion''

    • but if accepted ideas are wrong theyre still wrong and if disproven people should stop trying to prove them... it makes them look stupid...

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  • Luckily I haven't seen them (or at least noticed them) where I live, but I have heard people from other places complain about them. Personally I think they're a bit ridiculous. I mean, a real dog tag is a serious thing, and I think it's kind of disrespectful to turn it into some kind of fashion accessory for "normal" people to wear. It loses its value, which is tasteless.

    • definitely its almost disrespectful I mean dogtags are like a right of passage and to go buy a plastic rendition of one is just so sh*tty...

  • It's just a fashion choice. I don't know any females that find them particularly attractive (nor do I know any that find them ridiculously ugly).

  • I haven't seen that since middle school and I'm like in College now lol..I personally don't like the posers

  • I think unless you're in the military they are un-needed and ridiculous

    • They're made for solider, people willing to lay down their lives for us not for someone as a jewelry item/gift

    • true that haha

  • I don't really see the point in having dog tags, but I don't get annoyed if I see people with them. I think people can wear them if they want to.

  • We make personalized dog tags like that where I work. I think we just started doing that this year, and I think it may be because I live in a historic town and it was the 150th and we had a bunch of war-like events going on. So kids (and even adults like you said) could have their own dog tags even if they had no purpose but to wear them. Plus, they seem to have made some good souvenirs.

  • i hate them. one of my friends got a pair for her and her boyfriend. god. I tried to talk her out of it. to no avail. anyways, they broke up and she dumped hers into the hudson. she's a class act.

    • lol nice

  • I haven't really noticed anyone wearing those. Dog tags are not just some cool fad. I think it's poser-y. Trying to make the guy wearing it LOOK like he's a badass but when you get up close it's a pokemon on it lol

    • yea or some douchie cross haha

  • I think it's stupid. It's like people that wear Army shirts, but have never seerved. Kinda lessens the sacrifice they go through in my opinion. I don't know when military inspired stuff became popular, but I am not down with the trend. I love a man in uniform and want the guy to actually be in the military rather than playing.

    • Exactly what I am saying.

    • damn right f***in wannabe army guys should buck up and actually join...

  • I don't find them attractive at all.

  • I don't find them attractive. It's kind of a stupid trend, not sure what the purpose is if you are not in the military or army.

  • I think they're hot if you can rock them.

  • not particularly attractive.

  • Doesn't make a difference to me

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  • I have some fake dogtags with a cross on them that I wear sometimes. I wear them for 3 reasons: 1. To show my Christianity. 2. Because I wanted to join the military but was unable to due to a back injury. 3. To honor our soldiers who fight and die for us everyday.

    • or it could represent countless pagan religions or even hinduism and please hold your prayers and I have absolutely no anger issues its just the fact I give no f***s about what f***ing people think about how the f*** I talk and you obviously do care what people think if you have to justify your actions to a random a stranger

    • Honestly, you seem to have some anger issues, cussing on GAG. I'll pray for you. The cross and fish together on the same dog tag obviously represents Christianity, since both symbols are associated with Christianity, and since both aren't used together in any other religion. The tag doesn't need to say that, though I could always go get a 3rd tag made that says that. I know that I wear it to honor our fallen soldiers, I really don't care what other people think about it.

    • also crosses and fish predated the existence of christianity ...soo theyr not only christian symbols

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  • Dogtags are not as useful ( nor necessary ) as they used to be. Much like other military surplus.

  • I've never seen this, but if it's true, then it's pretty disrespectful to actual soldiers.