Guys: what's with fake dog tag necklaces? And girls do you actually find them attractive?

i keep seeing full grown men and older teens wearing like fake dog tags tht say stupid sh*t on them why is this aren't dog tags supposed to be for BODY IDENTIFICATION on the battlefield?

i don't mean like they have fake soldiers names on them but theyll have two dogtags tht will have a cross on them or like their favorite video game insignia...


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  • people do stupid things to things that are actually quite serious or useful. how many guys know who che guevara really was? how many know why some people sagged their pants? why do some wear steel-toe boots? jeans? uggs?

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      steel toed boots and jeans are for functionality uggs are for comfort -_- and dudes started sagging their pants to imitate the thugs on the streets(and the reason they did it is because they couldn't afford belts or correct fitting jeans because they lived in the ghetto)

      but I get where your coming from and thts a pretty good point maybe they just do it b./c they can... :D

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      that's not the point,like I said,the truth isn't important in this case-the important thing is that people ignore the history of certain things and make it ''fashion''

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      i suppose and I suppose if everyone agreed on everything there would be nothing to argue about

      and yea some fashion trends exist for some stupid reason this one being a prime example

      tht was a good argument and I apologize if you got super pissed or anything like tht...