Right time to ask a girl out?

When is the right time to ask a girl out? I don't have a lot of experience because I am a 21 year old guy who is still single, never had a girlfriend, been single my whole life. I want to change this, I want to experience dating and my first relationship while I am still young, I don't want to wait... Show More

I would like to know from both genders, but is it okay to ask a girl out when it is my first time meeting her? Like the very first encounter I meet a girl, is it okay to ask her out? Like if it's a girl I see in school, community college.
Also what does asking out mean? does it mean making the girl officially becoming your girlfriend? or does it mean asking her out on a date?
Also what are good ways to approach and talk to girls, strike up a conversation, make a good first impression, without trying too hard, and without coming on too strong or awkward? What are good ways to do it in the school library or at a bench or table?
Like if I see a girl sitting outside in the Quad, because I go to community college, sitting down at a bench or table, or a girl in the library, sitting at table studying, or she is using a computer, how are good ways to approach and start talking to her?
If I ask a girl out too soon, like right off the bat, that will make me look desperate and needy. Also if I ask out her out too late, another guy might ask her out first, there is the old saying "you snooze, you lose".
Also the girl might lose interest if I am taking too long to ask her out, she will think I was just flirting with her for the heck of it, or I only see her as a friend, or I am not interested. How can I tell when a girl is waiting for me to ask her out?
How will I be able to tell when a girl is comfortable around me when I approach her and talk to her?
How long should I have been talking to a girl and getting to know her before I finally ask her out?
Seriously, how can you prevent one-sided conversations from happening?
Also how do you become friends with a girl without making her think you are hitting on her? Because people tell me that they were friends with their boyfriend/girlfriend for sometime before actually dating.

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  • Hey dude, you can't be expected to be spoon fed everything.

    Get out there, make mistakes and learn trough trial and error what works best.

    • I like ur answer

    • Horse sh*t. A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.