Why do average and below-average girls in general have the same standards as above-average girls?

I used to be unsuccessful with girls of all attractiveness levels. Now after improving my game, I’m successful with girls of all attractiveness levels. I’ve noticed many guys go through similar experiences.

Don’t average and below-average girls realize that they’re basically pricing themselves out of the dating market by having standards that are pretty much the same as the standards that above-average girls have?

It’s not as if below-average and average girls don’t care if they never get boyfriends. They do complain and whine if ‘the right guys’ don’t approach.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls or guys can have whatever standards they want. BUT if they are not getting the type of partner they want they shouldn't complain . We tell people to be realistic and they get upset.

    That probably has to do with logical thinking. We all can't come in first place so there must be a second , third etc. I think guys are more willing to be second or third compared to girls. I think that girls are more willing/happy to remain single than guys hence the higher standards. They are willing to wait a very long time to find the ideal guy compared to us. We would take almost anyone who is available. Guys generally don't have high overall standards for girls.

    When some of these girls get older and realize that they really need to be realistic they start to settle in their droves. This is one of my biggest fears. I'd feel so ashamed and inadequate if my future wife really wanted an above average guy, couldn't get one so was forced to lower her standards ( to a more realistic type) or end up alone. I was there in my teens and twenties and overlooked and now that she wants stability she'll come to me. It really makes me sick.

    I get the whole controversial pricing out of the market thing. I also understand why you'd rather just try you luck with those above average girls than to go to the average or below average girls and have similar odds.

    This video always makes me laugh about this whole standards thing link