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What does it mean when my crush's friend looks at me a lot?

What does it mean when my crush's friend looks at me a lot (today even turned his head around just to look at me) and always has that smirk on his... Show More

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  • If your staring at him a lot, which it sounds like you are to get all of this information... he may be thinking the same thing as you. Or worse he could think you like him!

    or it could be exactly what you want it to be. who knows just go wit the flow I geuss, and see what happens or what you hear. aka gossip

    • I wasn't watching. When he passes me, I just feel he is watching. Once I rose my eyes, and he was looking with little smile. Two days ago I was walking down the hall, and just when I was at the door I instinctively turned my head right and apparently he was walking behind me and he was looking at me again with that smirk for much longer than just a glimpse. And when I was in coversation with my acquaintances, he just looked to whom I'm speaking and how. OK maybe I'm too much in it, but its weird

What Guys Said 3

  • Maybe he's just looking out for his friend. Making sure you are a good person, and not being fake around him.

  • His freind is doing the same thing you ladies do. Your crush likes you, mentioned it to his freind now his buddy is checking you out so he can relay all information back to his freind.

    • This happened to me to a few days ago.. what if his friend likes me?

  • maybe your crushes friend has a crush on you

What Girls Said 4

  • i have been there sister and trust me its something to do with your crush that's if he looks at you while talking to your crush...play it cool and dnt ask him anything just watch he might tell you your crush like you or maybe he does...or he will ask you what you like in a guy then when you tell him he will go to your crush and tell him, then your crush will do every thing you like in a guy...it happend to me sometime..

  • either he's helping out his friend by keeping an eye on you, or you never know, maybe HE like YOU...ever think of that?

  • You what I think I feel like he likes you because why would he be smirking at you and always starring at you that means he feels some type of way. No one would be starring at anyone unless they like you I'm going through the same thing right now

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