Should I make the First Move? Or is he not feeling me?

Ok, so I just turned 22 over the weekend and I like this guy who just turned 21 over the weekend as well. I really like him but it's not like I want to get married now or anything like that; I just like him. I've asked him out like 3 times to hang out but he tells me he already has plans or can't. He parties/raves all the time and so I went to one of them only because I had free tickets to go. He was also there (I didn't know he was going to be there..but he did have an idea I was) and ended up raving/partying with him and his friends and I went with one of my girl friends. We spoke, he made sure I didn't get squished by the crowd, we raved, we had an amazing time! (He was grinding with some random girl but when he saw me around he stopped and actually the girl left). He messages me the next morning asking if I had fun, if I enjoyed it. Then I see him the day after that and we talk more about it and that's pretty much it. We've hung out way before this on different occasions with our mutual friend. (But not no more since our mutual friend moved out of state). We would exchange messages a while back. Now it's not as often that we message each other. I want to ask him out but I'm not sure if he is feeling me or not...since he's pretty much rejected all my invites. Also, I feel like he only cares about raving it with his friends. Maybe he's too young to think about a relationship? Maybe he's not into me? Should I ask him out? What should I do? Because he's obviously not going to make a move. Any suggestions? Any guys out there that have any advice?


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  • admire your courage, in our country, men proposes to the girls, the girls will be a bit before my dear ... her interesting coy .. then a certain website, do not go out to bid, you drop your own value, it is driven on, and let it ask you out. ..


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  • well I hink you should flirt with him but let him call the shots so you know if he's interested enoug or wants to keep on playing the field.