Does "ignoring" women really work?

There's been major debate over if ignoring women makes them more attracted to men. I've heard and experienced both sides.

What are the takes from the women here? And be honest! When a guy starts ignoring you or stops paying as much attention to you do you tend to think about him more?

Interesting comments... Thanks for responding! From what I can everyone here says that ignoring women doesn't work very well...or if it does it works for a short while. Thanks again for the feedback!


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  • i would have to say yes! dont' hate me ladies but it goes both ways.. I do it to guys all the time.. it only takes two days usually before they send me a message or make sure that I notice them. I finally met a guy that does the same thing to me and it drives me crazy! I start thinking why won't he talk to me? or what did I do? but right when I'm about to give up he does the sweetest thing or we have a great night together.. I'm not suggesting you do that but yes it does make a girl think about him more definately

    This guys explains it too

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      Thanks for being honest! I appreciate it when women can really be honest about relationship "games".

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      =] how can I help if I'm not honest lol no problem lol