Does "ignoring" women really work?

There's been major debate over if ignoring women makes them more attracted to men. I've heard and experienced both sides.

What are the takes from the women here? And be honest! When a guy starts ignoring you or stops paying as much attention to you do you tend to think about him more?

Interesting comments... Thanks for responding! From what I can everyone here says that ignoring women doesn't work very well...or if it does it works for a short while. Thanks again for the feedback!


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  • i would have to say yes! dont' hate me ladies but it goes both ways.. I do it to guys all the time.. it only takes two days usually before they send me a message or make sure that I notice them. I finally met a guy that does the same thing to me and it drives me crazy! I start thinking why won't he talk to me? or what did I do? but right when I'm about to give up he does the sweetest thing or we have a great night together.. I'm not suggesting you do that but yes it does make a girl think about him more definately

    This guys explains it too

    • Thanks for being honest! I appreciate it when women can really be honest about relationship "games".

    • =] how can I help if I'm not honest lol no problem lol

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  • As much as I hate to admit it, yes. It does work. But it only works if it's hot and cold, as in, you'd have to be flirty and then just ignore them. Because that'll make us wonder why you're being distant. But there's a limit to how long you should ignore them for. If you ignore them for too long, they would just end up not caring, haha.

  • If a guy tries to play hard to get it turns me off completely and I just lose all interest. I'm a no bs kind of girl so if a guy wants to be with me he's best being a straight shoooter or nothing at all.

  • No, I just don't bother. I don't play those types of games. I am very straightforward when it comes to dating, etc.

    • Not even a little bit? I almost always do it to give a girl space after a while. But only in the beginning of getting to now someone. No one likes a constant "always there" kind of guy. Or do they?

    • No, I don't mean his interest in me has to be so obvious and pronounced but if the guy is deliberately playing games, I can tell, and it is a waste of time. I think there is a difference between giving a girl space and ignoring her completely in hopes of increasing her interest.

  • I absolutely hate it when the attention goes away, especially if it's done on purpose. I don't do that to guys. I don't ignore them just to try to make them like me more. I don't expect that to be done to me either. If a guy starts ignoring me, my interest doesn't rise. The interest was already there and it gets annoying when it seems like their interest has all of a sudden lowered. The only thing that ignoring does is make me frustrated and make me lose interest over time.

    • Ive done that :( srrry

    • Shame on you! lol... People are taught that it works, so I don't blame you for doing it. Can you answer my question, btw? :)

  • If you're someone I already care about e. g. as a friend, that's a good way to make me think about you. But I'm probably not having positive thoughts.

    If this is someone I don't really know, I couldn't care less.

  • Oh my god, I hate that. Because then I'm wondering "wtf, what happened, WHY? WHY? WHY?" You get it lol...

    But it won't make me like him more, it will just seriously confuse me and freaking p*ss me off...until he pays attention to me again and it's just a vicious cycle. -_- Anyway don't do it..she won't appreciate it!

  • Sure. for a day or two. Then I move on. I he ignores me, he either doesn't want me or he is immature.

  • Being ignored is pretty irritating and I usually don't pursue guys that play mind games of any sort. Most people that play games like this are immature and I prefer to stay away from them. But I suppose for a short time, it leaves a girl wondering and thinking about him. I just find it silly to stop paying attention to someone you like in hopes that they will in turn like you more. Just my opinion.

    • Great. Thanks for the feedback :) It does seem to work for the short term, but in the long run it doesn't really matter eh?

    • You can keep her waiting a little, but after a while it will get old. Straightforward and honest is the best way to be =]

  • It only becomes annoying after a while.

    • Like ur face lol jkjkj I love lucy!!!!!

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    • LOL, probably he keeps calling her Lucy, so maybe somethings going on.

    • Lol it's an inside thing. he assumed my name was lucy just 'cause I'm part asian haha.

  • I hate to say I do. If he ignores me the more I want him. Guys that don't ignore me and flirt with me, I am not interested in..

    • Thanks for your honesty :)

    • It's not something I do on my part....I don't know why I am that way...I just am. The more they ignore the more I want them. I don't want to be that way either.....

  • Ummm, NO! It does not work at all with me and I am known to be very attractive too. I do not like that game playing taken too far. I mean it is very rude to say the least to ignore someone that you really and truly love for a number of days or so. I don't need to get messages from reading between the lines either. I hate that and it's okay to be little mysterious but to ignore someone constantly would make me very upset to say the least but I would play it very cool so they would not see that either! I mean game for game. I would prefer someone to be straight with me and not play stupid games. I would give the guy the same thing right back and let them feel the hurt they cause. Not every woman is a pansey & some can play that game right back and hurt your feelings worse.

  • If you totally block her off.. Well I would feel not turned on or try to get closer but hurt don't ignore her she may. Feel hurt or too shy to ask why. Maybe just don't be so connected if you eat together every day maybe eat with a diff friend. Don't sit with her and ignore her

  • No - it destroys the relationship for me. With holding is garbage and painful and destroys real intimacy.


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  • Yes, but only for a day or two. Do NOT over use it. When you ignore a women for a little bit, she starts getting a little worried why your not contacting her as much or showing as much interest. She becomes intrigued and thinks about you the rest of the day because of that. Not literally, but at least your on her mind. It's best to use this only when your first starting to see a girl and getting to know her.

  • Depends on the girl it seems. This girl I was flirting with at work for like a month was getting very upset at things I wasn't sure of and I kind of ignored her for a day and boy did that p*ss her off. She didn't talk to me for like two weeks. She finally started to talk to me normally, but even now it seems like it's been ruined and the rapport we had is not the same. So it's 50/50 on how she'll react.

  • If I met a girl tonight (Thurs, May 28th) at say 8pm. Talked to her for an hour or so, got her number and went on my way. I'll contact her tomorrow sometime after 5pm. (figure I have to work and maybe she does as well). None of this waiting 2-4 days crap. Cut the s**t. It's human nature to think about someone quite often if you happen to like them when you first meet them. So if you're thinking about each other..why not talk? We all make dating way more difficult than it needs to be.

  • It works only for some time. After a while you have to talk to her