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Why do a lot of girls let guys have their phone number, but then never answer or call the guy back? why?

Seriously, that has happened to me like 4 times in my entire life, I hate those kind of rejections, because I consider those type of rejections to be... Show More

I obviously know that if a girl never answers her phone, or calls the guy back, it means she is not interested, to take the hint, but why do girls like to play those mind games with guys so much?
Seriously, why can't girls just tell the guy off?
Why do girls always like to give non-verbal hints to show a guy they are not interested in them? why can't they be blatantly honest?
I seriously hate it with a passion when girls give a guy their phone number, and never answer or call him back.
Seriously, what makes a girl not answer her phone or call the guy back? could it mean those girls are playing hard to get?
Do women love to hurt a man's ego?
This just happened to me like the 6th or 7th time to me recently, and the girl was single!, geeze, why do girls like to do that to me? why can't they just flat-out reject me? those f***in' bitches!

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  • well, usually I won't give out my number to guys I don't like. but, there was this guys who was creeping on me at parties all the time and asking for my number and I really didn't want to give it to him. then he started talking to me on facebook, and I didn't know what to do or say because I really was not interested in him, and I was good friends with a lot of his friends. somehow he got my number and started texting me and stuff, so I just ignore the texts all the time and I don't talk to him on facebook anymore. I'm not saying that you are a creeper like this guy, but it was unavoidable for me not to ignore him. and I think that some girls just like when guys ask for their number. I'm not like that though.

    • Why are there some girls like that? why do they give out their number for no reason?

    • Also if a guy gets a girls phone number, when should he call her?

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  • well personally, I give my real number to guys because some guys will call you on the spot so you can have their number. then if you give a fake number and you never get their call you look like a bitch. and the whole boyfriend scenario might not always be effective because some guys will say they don't care if you have a boyfriend. and then ur back at square one again.

    • Well when I ask a girl for her number, it is because I am interested in dating her, I want to get to know her more. C'mon, don't girls like to feel pursued and wanted?

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  • you know what it might be man the girl doesn't remeber giving out the number or just did so to show off to her friends I don't know why they do what the do but girls do it for many reasons I am not a girl I am a guy like you but my problem is I don't take numbers from girls I give mine out so I don't get the whole not anwser thing lol sorry man girls are kinda evil like that

    • Girls have it easier because they always, or usually have the final say.

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    • Wierd we are like the same guy lmao this is too weird but I got you beat the last girl I hung out with we had a date at my house watching a movie I made her dinner and we made out for a while then when the night was over she said I just want to be friends I was like wtf now that's a super game man I didn't know what to say to her its nutts man your turn lol and yes really I am a virgin also never had a girlfriend lol

    • Yeah girls have it so much easier, love just comes to them. Us guys have to fight tooth and nail for it.

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