What am I doing wrong? Is there something wrong with me?

Where to begin...in no specific order. So I'm 25, I've only had 4 girlfriends, 2 of which cheated on me. Got my first kiss when I was 16 from someone off the internet, had sex for the first time 3-4 days before I turned 19..and it was terrible. I've been rejected, lied to and treated like s**t more times than I can count or want to admit. I've tried online dating for over 4 months, ended up getting a few numbers, talked for a while and then they ended up flipping out on me and saying I'm desperate all because I got tired of just talking on AIM and text for 2 weeks before asking to meet. However, I haven't had one date yet. The sad part is, most of these girls are 24-27. I've tried meeting girls in public, usually to only have them flirt and not be interested, or have a boyfriend. Other girls that I've actually spent time with, like 1-3 months, end up giving me a reason why they're not interested in being with me. Whether it's, I'm not ready, I'm sorta seeing someone, I just got out of a relationship, you're sweet but, not my type. Sometimes then even end up saying this stuff and get with one of my friends right after. I can be sweet, playful, funny, etc a thousand times over but yet as soon as I say or do one thing they don't like or care for, boom, I'm crazy and they tell me to get lost. Why? No matter what I do it's like it's never enough. Whether I try or just sit back and see if anything happens with someone coming to me. I've gone every which way...a**hole, d**k, sweet, funny, jerk, laid back, uptight, sarcastic, caring, kind, upfront, hard to get, etc. Everything. Nothing ever works. It's really depressing. Is there something wrong with me? I use to cut myself and take thousands of MGs of pills and just inflict pain to myself in general. It wasn't for attention..I guess it was my way of punishing myself for always failing. For a while I thought it was because of my looks. (I do have one pic on my profile..which I don't care for much anyway..and my hair is longer now too if anyone maybe wants to look?) but now I'm not sure. I think my personality is pretty decent and I know I'm an intelligent and witty guy, but no matter what happens, I feel like the negative end result with anyone and everyone is always my fault and I blame myself. No matter what it is or what happened. I've been rejected and turned down for any and every reason you can think of. It's so discouraging anymore for me to even try. I've thought about just giving up all together. I have a ridiculously hard time trusting because of what's been done to me in the past. I admit, I can't read women/girls to save my life, but still...do I deserve all of this? I don't even have any local female friends that I hang out with. None. What am I doing wrong? Is there something wrong with me? I blame myself for everything and I'm beginning to hate everything about myself. I am partially emotionally damaged for the rest of my life, that much is for sure.