Why would he ignore me for 2 weeks THREE times?

He was so nice to me at first. He would ask for a hug. He wrote me these really long messages on Facebook. He gave me a nickname. He offered me a ride home. A couple of times, I think he was staring at my chest. Why do guys do this? I don't understand. And he is a really nice guy. I never thought he would do this to me. Why would he be so nice to me and then so cold? He would take 2 weeks to reply :(


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  • He might be talking to a number of girls, or it could just be bad timing. Usually, though, a guy will most often do this when he really likes a girl, but something is holding him back from pursuing her—being unsure of her intentions (whether she wants to date or just be friends), believing that she's one of those girls who wants a guy to chase her (sometimes, of course, shit just keeps happening and it only appears that she is when she really isn't), being ambivalent toward her (she has a number of qualities that he really likes, but a few major ones that he doesn't), thinking that she is losing interest, etc..

    • It could be any one of what I listed, a combination of them, or several others that I didn't. There are a number of reasons (besides keeping you on the hook, although that could be it) for which he might be doing this.


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  • Probably found another girl he's giving his attention to. If this is the case you shouldn't even worry about him he's probably the kinda guy who gets bored fast and throws girls aside whenever something newer and more exciting comes around.


  • He's nice, but you should understand he has a life too. Hopefully he's gonna talk to you again on another time

  • If I did all that.. I'd hope the girl knows I like her a lot and want a relationship with her.

    If he hasn't relied in 2 weeks it means either he is busy, not as interested anymore, shy? especially if he hasn't made a move. Also, if he hasn't asked you out, then I'd think he has other girls on the hook too.

    If I like a girl, I'd do all that too, BUT I wouldn't not text in 2 weeks. I'd also have a coffee date setup within a week with that girl.


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  • Sounds like he may be keeping you on the hook, and you might not be the only girl he's talking to. I would ask him directly if he wants to go out, and if not, don't waste anymore time on him.

  • He's not being "Cold".. he has a life to live too, ya know? Have you tried returning his messages? it takes two to tango... js...