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The 'Meet and Greet' Date

So. I met this guy through a friend on facebook about two weeks ago. He messaged me first and then we started talking for a few days. Soon after... Show More

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  • for the movies just wear something casual.like a cute shirt and a pair of jeans

  • Here are 3 words. Just-Be-Yourself. Guys don't like it when we pretend or try to be someone were not. There's a reason why he asked you on a date. It was to finally meet you and if things go right on the date he will know that maybe either he just wants to be friends or have a relationship with you.

    • That still doesn't tell her what to wear......she can't go naked.

    • Well when she's being herself she would go in cloths that she feels would describe her. Cloths that express the real her. Of course she's not gonna go naked