Why does he insult me?

I really used to like this guy and we used to be cool and all, but for the past few days, he has been being mean and insulting me like I have no feelings at all. He doesn't even care how much it will hurt me. Does he seriously hate me or is it his way of saying he kinda likes me?


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  • "Why does he insult me ?"

    Many possible reasons:

    1. He learnt it from his father, who abused his mother. And he thought it was how people express "love".

    2. He learnt it from reading low grade sex magazines which teach their readers that women are slaves and men are their masters. And they need to be flogged to be happy.

    3. He learnt it from his father who learn about "love" by reading those magazines.

    4. He learnt it from his friends, who read those magazines.

    I agree with RC1220. It won't get better. Do you know how long it takes for a person to form a personality ? His entire life up to this point. And what it takes to change it, short of "divine intervention" with a miracle ? :)

    I wouldn't wait wait for that lightning from the sky to strike him, or help him complete the abuser-victim relationship.

    If you want to know what's upcoming for you with this guy, check this out link

    Most important of all, ask yourself this question, "What part of me attracts this kind of guy to me ?" Make corrections ASAP.