I need some romantic ideas to surprise my girlfriend, please list a few?

Like leaving a note at the mirror, or cooking for her, some unique romantic ideas would definitely help.


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  • Hand crafted things tend to be the most valuable, as they are one of a kind and the tend to be pretty cheap to make.

    I made this for my boyfriend and it only cost me £20 (including the medicine):

    He was absolutely thrilled, bragged to his friends and even posted it on his Facebook page. It's all about knowing the person you're with, paying attention to what they say and making small surprises. :)


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  • do you know her favorite movie?

    creating a scene from a romantic movie would be adorable. (:

    Say Anything; Boombox above your head outside her window..

    Love, Actually; "To Me, You Are Perfect" Scene.

    The Notebook; "If you're a bird, I'm a bird"


    Another nice thing, do you remember your first date?

    re-create it.

    she would love that.

    it lets her know that you remember, and she will think it is so sweet.

    Sweet and simple;

    -Have her favorite flowers delivered to her.

    -Make her a Mix CD where the first letter of each song spells out, 'i love you' or something

    -Make her a bracelet or something, she will love that you made it. You could make yourself one too, and you will have something together.

    -Write her a poem. (:

    anything like that (:

    i hope I helped <3

  • Honestly, if you mean that much to her and she only gets to see you on weekends, just about anything you do would make her happy. If you are away at college and she comes to visit you, try to make sure you have snacks or a frozen meal she would like. If you go to her, just take her a little something you saw somewhere that reminded you of her. It's really the gesture that matters, not the amount of money spent.

    • basically she wants to know you're listening to her. know what she likes, what she wants, etc.. that's all she wants

  • a poem, a bouquet of flowers, fancy dinner, jewellery...

    • What if I m just some high schooler who can't afford jewelary or a fancy dinner.

  • just simple nice things, like bring her flowers or something, guys don't do things like that anymore, just make simple romantic gestures, try planing a romantic dinner or picnic

    • I already do that :) I like surprising her with little gifts and flowers.

    • Good,

  • You could try finding a song which describes your relationship perfectly, or the way you feel about her. Then print out the lyrics and highlight things like for example ´the best of me has always been you´ or ´I can't sleep without you next to me, I tos and turn like the sea´ ^^

    You could get like a huge piece of paper, and paint something together, like fingerpainting... which could end in a paint-fight (just make sure she's not wearing her best clothes)...

    Start a pillow fight.. a waterbattle..?

    Take dancing lessons together?

    Plan a ladies night for her and her girlfriends^^ My love did that for me once. he called up my friends and told them his plan to surprise me... I had to go to school that day and when I came home he had made me dinner, but just a little thing (like little snacks) and we went to go walk the neighbours dog. And when I came home. all my gf's were there and he had gotten like 10 movies, chocolate, and lits of other sweets. And he had arranged that they all could spend the night^^ I was so surprised, and then he kissed me goodbye and the next evening he came to ask me how it went and if I had fun^^

  • Haha xD I just thought of something!:P

    Make her a sleep over bag^^ I did that for my boyfriend:D Put like a fresh pair of undies in it, a showergell, shampoo, conditioner, a bar of soap, deodorant, a toothbrush and a nice perfume in it^^

  • I don't know if you have that over there, but here you can have a photo printed on a puzzle. So you get that made but sneak out one piece, then give her the puzzle and make it together. Then when you go home or something, make sure to leave the last puzzle piece (the one you took) an orchid (just one flower), which stands for delicate beauty and a little note which says; you were the missing piece of my puzzle..

    Or make a scavenger hunt, starting with a bracelet, and leave hints everywhere which will lead to pendets for the bracelet. With the pendents spelling out something like : (your name or initials) + a heart + (her name or initials)... You could also do this with chocolate letters^^

    I love taking pictures, so I have like loads of them on my computers. I don't know if she does that two... Else you could take her out on a beautiful sunny day, like to the beach or the park and make loads of beautiful pictures of the both of you... (which is a lovely surprise) and then you could make a collage of pictures and have them printed on nice photo paper and put it in a nice frame, wrap it nicely, get a cute card and give it to her a week after^^

    If I think of something else I'll let you know^^

  • If she does not live with you, place notes around her apartment for her to search for (the first clue can be on a bouquet of flowers, which I recommend putting in a vase because if she is following your clues, she will forget and they will start to wither and have the last note in her car) the clues will eventually tell her to go to your place, where you surprise her with a home cooked dinner that you cooked for her. She will be so excited, after you can cuddle to your guys favorite movie. It is simple, romantic, sincere, and inexpensive. By putting more thought into it, instead of purchasing something, makes a big difference.

  • I would say something like this... original, sappy... and cheesy... something that would make her smile... if she's the person who wants everyone to see how much you love her... sing her favorite song... with loads of action and moves... drive her and everyone else crazy... but if she's not that type... Do something like this... warn her that she will be kidnapped the next day before you guys leave... then the next day... wait inside an empty class or room or somewhere where its deserted and where she and her friends are sure to pass... and when they do... just grab her and drag her in... from around the waist... kiss her cheek and go... aren't I the greatest fortune teller or what? make her feel great and all warm inside.. treat her like the queen... Then after kidnapping her... she probably would go, what's up or what do you want.. or something right? Then go... nothing at all... I just wanted to marry you sooo bad! and do a small proporsal right there... all through to the part where she says "i do" and where you present her with a small friendship or handmade ring in a jewelery box... or else...

    write her a poem or a really sweet sappy song... and if you're really bad at singing... sing to her... get the idea? I don't want you to go adn croak like a frog there... but make her feel as if you've been practising to impress her... and ask her hand to dance...

    whistle to her and compliment her clothes in front of everyone...

    get the picture... make her the queen...

  • Leave her girlfriend flowers in spots she wouldn't expect to find them. Also write a sexy letter, short but sweet and leave it in the flowers, so she can see in more ways than one how much you like her. Another way is to get her tickets to a show she wants to see and you can surprise her with that and a romantic dinner near the beach over looking the waves.

  • First of all that's very sweet of you. I like it when men think out of the box don't do what all guys do be unique. Hard to say cause I'm not creative but be different. I like getting notes on mirror or on my car...hmmm let me think more and get back to you.

  • Lol, tell her a joke, white lie. Like, you have an STD.

  • if you's spend the night with each other, wake up before her and leave a note on the pillow for her to wake up to, possibly with a flower. make her breakfast. it's simple, but it's sweet. there are all kinds of cheesy things in movies you can watch for, haha. if you reallllly wanna go all out, by her a puppy! wrap a little bow around it's neck, with a note. and let the little guy run to her when she's not paying attention. I'd just die if that was done for me. and it's something she'll have every day as a constant reminder of you and your budding relationship. it grows and yous grow.

  • my guy did this: so my boyfriend passed out one day and his friends called me up and said he passed out,i went and he was all sick looking,3 days later he said babe I just went to the doctor and he said I have cancer in my heart I'm given 1 week to live,ohh my god I literally felt the blood in my face like I was going to die that moment..and I started crying because I really thought he was serious,he looked all serious..so I worried the whole week I gave him all my attention,everyday,i cook everything he likes,and he acted the whole time until sunday when he supposed to die and it was my downiest feeling in the world when I had to supposedly come to his mothers house to say my farewells since he's dying soon it was hard dude you have no idea how hard it was for me...when I came in the door his mom was sad and let me in,i felt the saddest,lotsa people sitting in couch and evrywhere out in the living room quiet including my friends and our common friends and his friends..then all of a sudden when I started to feel really bad,tears coming down in seconds,the bell rings! and everybody in the house said HAPPY BIRTH DAY! jesus christ! I just realized it was my birthday that day..then there he came out from a room with a towel on that says,"your love kept me alive" god I'm crying as I type right now..

    this is 3 years back...and it was the biggest surprised ever done to me I could never forget until I die,i was sooooooo touched and I was crying as I blow my candle I cry when I talk I cry almost the whole time..imagine the act and effort and talent he put up to surprise me?

  • Are you married?

    • Noo it's just our first year together

  • My boyfriend once gave me a dozen of purple roses for no reason at all. And told me he bought them because I made him really happy, and they made him think of me because I love purple. I dried them up and I still have them in my bedroom. I wasn't expecting it at all, I couldn't stop smiling for hours.

  • Present-wise: Something doesn't need to be expensive to be meaningful, Just make sure it's personal. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find something small that reflects something she likes/one of her interests.

    If you mean date-wise: Picnics are always a cute, easy and, inexpensive option. It gives the impression of a planned out date but, Could easily be done as a last minute thing. ;D

  • Something cute that you could put together all by yourself with just objects sitting in your house could be a picnic. Get a blanket, make some food, light some candles, and sit outside watching the stars. Romantic, sweet, and inexpensive.

  • For starters, surprises are nice. I'm one of those girls who would be happy with anything (even if it's from the dollar store) as long as you said you grabbed it because you were thinking of me. Picnics at the park, free local events like block parties or we have gallery hop and art festivals and other things you can just attend without paying.

  • Old school. Make a note and leave it where she knows she will find it, then make a path for her to follow. Meet her at the end with music like a song that you both like then dont say nothing and hand her a flower and a drink then slow dance with her then say something cute like "this is like a fairytale" ha I don't know something then make her dinner. go from there. do something she won't forget and fun.

  • I've heard this idea, and I thought it would be awesome. Take her to a dollar store, and have a little competition to find the ugliest thing under $5 or so. Both of you find something, then ask the cashier or a customer which is the ugliest. Buy that one for her. Trust me. She'll keep it. Another thing you could do is draw pictures with crayons, and ask someone which is the best picture. Give her both of the pictures. Just something you could do :)

  • Definitely a surprise trip is the best say to go. It doesn't have to be a wild, extravagant or expensive trip. A weekend get a way will do just fine. Pick a small town with a bed and breakfast nearby, somewhere you could drive to on short notice - for her, you would have planned it of course. Once you're there, see the sights, or even better, just stay in the room, relax and, well. You know.

  • Are you good at cooking? Make her a homemade meal with candles and cheesy romantic music haha(:

  • Look up DIY gifts on YouTube

  • I don't know about anyone else but I will instantly love any boy that just makes me feel wanted

  • Look up how to make paper flowers! It's so cute and they never die and only cost a couple of dollars.
    It's corny and cliche but watching a sunset is just beautiful.
    Make her a bracelet out of some string and tie it on her wrist for her and have one for yourself too.
    Feed the ducks!
    Go to a playground at night time when there's no one and muck around, let loose and be kids - push her on the swing.
    Love letters - no one does this anymore and it's such a same!

  • Anything that you put a lot of thought into or anything that's symbolic to your relationship. Eg, something to do with a time that you hung out or had a date

  • Make a coupon book! I would love to use a 'free back massage' it's perfect and be creative!

  • buy some flowers at Walmart or pathmark. literally 3-5 dollars

  • I was surprised by my mutual understanding partner, somebody were giving me a letter then until i saw him while i was walking, he gave me a rose then sings to me a song while he strumming his guitar. :)

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  • Romantic and inexpensive?
    Walking in a park, looking at birds and flowers (bring a picnic with things she likes)

  • This post is so awesome

    Sometimes it's fun to surprise her with random things which take no time and cost nothing... for example, I love sending random cell phone photos that have no explanation but which she loves. When ever I'm in a pet store I send her the cuties puppies or kitties I can find..

    Send Her A Cute Photo: link

    And, even though it's less "romantic" its far more "fun and flirty" ... if you draw her something fun or funny. Like this: link

    Thanks for the ideas!

    ~ Robby

  • Find out what kind of perfume she really, really likes, then spray a couple sprays of it on a card. In the card, put two tickets to a movie she really wants to see with you, or make up a reservation card to a restaurant that you've got a reservation to, and when you go out, give her the perfume and a single red rose. If you go to a movie, get her favorite movie snack too, and make sure to take her out to eat afterwards.

  • Wear a pink glittery thong! :D

  • If you have certain talents in art or wood or just basic creativity...you could make her stuff.

    Once I made a 3 dollar Greenbay Packers thing for her to hang from her review mirror...she flipped out (in a good way)...I was like lol...

  • yea, words; lots of words, honest, truthful, sincere, loving, caring, sweet words.

  • One of the cutest things you can make, is a photo collage of you together. It is very easy to do, furthermore. Just upload pictures to a service like http://ams-collage.com and choose the collage you want. I guess, it is a really nice present

  • You can go with her to see the sunrise at some pretty place or the full moon. You can give her one flower with a note hanging of the tail. You can go with her to some place that she ever wanted to go. Serve chocolate fondue with strawberries for both of you. Give her a romantic massage.

  • aite I'm like pro at this cause I was raised by girls lmao so what kind of things does your girl like? cause I'm not really a rich guy but I'm really handy with tools and making sh*t so, for one of my anniversaries I made my girlfriend a jewlery box, engraved it with quotes and the date we became boyfriend and girlfriend and she loved it when I gave it to her with a letter

    it all depends on you girl bro..so let me know what kind of things she likes and I can come up with some really good ideas for yea

  • If you have privacy, a really great idea is to set up a trail of roses or chocolates from the front door to wherever you want her to meet you. Setting up candles is definitely a plus, and best of all would be a candlelight dinner. After your candlelight dinner you should ask her to slow dance with you while playing your favorite song. Another cute and creative idea is to create a message in a bottle for her. On a small piece of paper write a romantic note or poem for your girlfriend. You can buy a glass corked bottle at a crafts store for very cheap, and you can fill it with either confetti or sand and seashells if you like.

  • I could suggest a very simple but impressing thing: get a free cards from romanticsky.net (just write her name o a quote that her could appreciate), print this image and hide it in a place where she could find it easily... I'll bet this will make her very happy and impressed for the idea.

  • I once went and volunteered me and my girlfriend at a retirement center, and suprised her on going there, at first she was like that's different? then at the end of the night I got her by herself and promised her she would never be alone like the people we helped that night, she acted like it meant the world to her

  • give me a romantic nd surprised idea for a hug

  • I have spent much time trying to keep it fun for my girlfriend. Here are some ideas.
    -Send a number of bouquets to her work each with a card. Let's say you sent three. First says "I sent three random bouquets, this one for the fairest of them all". Second one arrives later and says "... this one for the nicest of them all". Don't send a third. Keep them wondering.
    -Try this ritual called "Pantie of the week". Could be a pantie or any piece of lingerie laid on your bed when you get back to your place together.
    -Make a pirate map for christmas. Make it hard.
    -Write I love you on the ceiling with a glow in the dark pen right above her place in bed.
    -Randomly start with a pick up line instead of just asking her where to go.
    -Send her a letter by post.
    -1000 piece puzzle.
    -Goody bag full of stuff she likes to eat and new stuff to try. She should blindly pick only one per day.
    -Get her heels.
    -Make her a period care package.
    -Surprise baths.
    -A rose from time to time.

    Ideas are endless. Mix the one that cost and those that don't and have a happy relationship.

  • Decorate her room filled with hanging hearts of pictures of you both :) also buy helium balloons so that you can have fun with her with the funny voices using the helium in the balloons :) Also take her out to the first place where u guys met and make her remember and cherish every single moment there