I need some romantic ideas to surprise my girlfriend, please list a few?

Like leaving a note at the mirror, or cooking for her, some unique romantic ideas would definitely help.


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  • Hand crafted things tend to be the most valuable, as they are one of a kind and the tend to be pretty cheap to make.

    I made this for my boyfriend and it only cost me £20 (including the medicine):

    He was absolutely thrilled, bragged to his friends and even posted it on his Facebook page. It's all about knowing the person you're with, paying attention to what they say and making small surprises. :)

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  • do you know her favorite movie?

    creating a scene from a romantic movie would be adorable. (:

    Say Anything; Boombox above your head outside her window..

    Love, Actually; "To Me, You Are Perfect" Scene.

    The Notebook; "If you're a bird, I'm a bird"


    Another nice thing, do you remember your first date?

    re-create it.

    she would love that.

    it lets her know that you remember, and she will think it is so sweet.

    Sweet and simple;

    -Have her favorite flowers delivered to her.

    -Make her a Mix CD where the first letter of each song spells out, 'i love you' or something

    -Make her a bracelet or something, she will love that you made it. You could make yourself one too, and you will have something together.

    -Write her a poem. (:

    anything like that (:

    i hope I helped <3

  • Honestly, if you mean that much to her and she only gets to see you on weekends, just about anything you do would make her happy. If you are away at college and she comes to visit you, try to make sure you have snacks or a frozen meal she would like. If you go to her, just take her a little something you saw somewhere that reminded you of her. It's really the gesture that matters, not the amount of money spent.

    • basically she wants to know you're listening to her. know what she likes, what she wants, etc.. that's all she wants

  • a poem, a bouquet of flowers, fancy dinner, jewellery...

    • What if I m just some high schooler who can't afford jewelary or a fancy dinner.

  • just simple nice things, like bring her flowers or something, guys don't do things like that anymore, just make simple romantic gestures, try planing a romantic dinner or picnic

    • I already do that :) I like surprising her with little gifts and flowers.

    • Good,

  • You could try finding a song which describes your relationship perfectly, or the way you feel about her. Then print out the lyrics and highlight things like for example ´the best of me has always been you´ or ´I can't sleep without you next to me, I tos and turn like the sea´ ^^

    You could get like a huge piece of paper, and paint something together, like fingerpainting... which could end in a paint-fight (just make sure she's not wearing her best clothes)...

    Start a pillow fight.. a waterbattle..?

    Take dancing lessons together?

    Plan a ladies night for her and her girlfriends^^ My love did that for me once. he called up my friends and told them his plan to surprise me... I had to go to school that day and when I came home he had made me dinner, but just a little thing (like little snacks) and we went to go walk the neighbours dog. And when I came home. all my gf's were there and he had gotten like 10 movies, chocolate, and lits of other sweets. And he had arranged that they all could spend the night^^ I was so surprised, and then he kissed me goodbye and the next evening he came to ask me how it went and if I had fun^^

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  • Romantic and inexpensive?
    Walking in a park, looking at birds and flowers (bring a picnic with things she likes)

  • This post is so awesome

    Sometimes it's fun to surprise her with random things which take no time and cost nothing... for example, I love sending random cell phone photos that have no explanation but which she loves. When ever I'm in a pet store I send her the cuties puppies or kitties I can find..

    Send Her A Cute Photo: link

    And, even though it's less "romantic" its far more "fun and flirty" ... if you draw her something fun or funny. Like this: link

    Thanks for the ideas!

    ~ Robby

  • Find out what kind of perfume she really, really likes, then spray a couple sprays of it on a card. In the card, put two tickets to a movie she really wants to see with you, or make up a reservation card to a restaurant that you've got a reservation to, and when you go out, give her the perfume and a single red rose. If you go to a movie, get her favorite movie snack too, and make sure to take her out to eat afterwards.

  • Wear a pink glittery thong! :D

  • If you have certain talents in art or wood or just basic creativity...you could make her stuff.

    Once I made a 3 dollar Greenbay Packers thing for her to hang from her review mirror...she flipped out (in a good way)...I was like lol...

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