20 True Blue Aussie Foods You Need to Experience (At Least Once!)

They're not all beauties, but you gotta try them at least once before you make up your mind! 1. ANZAC biscuits Anzac biscuits have long...

Amazing Latte Foam Art

I don't know about you, but I always get pepped up if a latte I'm drinking has some sort of a design to it - it's just that much more...

My Favorite Breakfast, Main Course, and Drink Recipes

This is my favorite chicken recipe and I modified it by adding flour so that the sauce is thicker and is an actual sauce and isn't just...

Cookie Ideas to Make and Munch On This Holiday Season

Sweet foods to munch on this holiday season Surprise ingredients you might want to use [use one of these at a time - works best that...

5 Mainstream But Awesome Breakfasts

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. I am a rather busy person, so I usually just grab something quick to go...

8 beverages to keep you warm and merry this Christmas!

Knowing me I would be happy with a cappuccino and a hot chocolate with marshmallows lol BUTTTT if you want to be adventurous, or trying...

5 Creative Christmas desserts, that’d make your Christmas dinner this year.. EXTRA Jolly :P

Hi everyone :D haven’t wrote a MyTake in what feels like ages, so here I am! As Christmas is coming around the corner (faster than I...

Are there any vegans, vegetarians, or raw vegans or pescetarians here? How do you start to become one?

I'm wanting to change my lifestyle. I want to stop eating all this nasty processed foods that make me feel gross. I watched people talk...

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream/frozen yogurt?

My favorites: Ice cream: Spumoni Frozen Yogurt: Cake Batter

Would you spend a $100 food budget in this way?

$18- 2 big punnets of strawberries $12- A 1 kilogram bag of cherries $15- A 1 kilogram bag of green grapes $15- A bag of pistachios...

What type of things do you keep in your fridge?

I eat out 90% of the time and I just noticed that I don't have anything in my fridge. What kind of snacks and food do u keep around?

Are there any foods you like the smell of, but not the taste?

For me, I like the smell of popcorn but don't care to eat it. Also, when I was younger, I would unscrew the pickle jar to smell it, but...

Potential Giuliani appointment vs the dreaded Milk-Biscuit Loop?

With Trump's approaching presidency, there is a real danger that Rudolph Giuliani will be appointed to a position of national authority....

Is opening a bar a good idea?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with opening or managing a bar and if its a good idea to get into the bar/nightlife business

What is your favourite soup?

And do you have a favorite soup recipe you'd like to share?

How much caffeine do you have each day?

I'm doing a survey for a class. If you have 1-2 minutes, please fill this out. It's super brief and anonymous. Plus, there are no essay...

If 1 had to go?

K so if you had to eliminate 1 of these foods forever, which would you pick & why? I'd pick donuts bc the rest are too good 🙂

Hot or cold pizza (from the previous day)?

So I don't know if I'm the only weirdo who has their leftover pizza cold the next day

Favorite Cheese?

Other cheeses: American Gouda Bleu Cream Cheese Parmesean Cottage Cheese Muenster Ricotta Pepper Jack Brie Colby

Which chocolate do you perfer?

Chocolate is awesomely yummy and I love milk chocolate the best! If it's not chocolate it's not dessert! Lol

What type of bread do you prefer with stew or soup?

I love me a nice ham and cheese scone! But I like plain scones too. Sometimes I make biscuits and sometimes scones. Sometimes with...

Pizza 🍕 or hamburgers 🍔 ?

Which one do you prefer?