The Coolest Dining Joints in America!

The classic American Diner has been an institution for many years, especially in the post war boom. But, some of the old truckstop...

GST: The Goods and Service Tax. Interesting stuff you should know about.

The goods and service tax is a new taxation system which will unify all the taxes levied on various products and services. The GST is...

Girls getting ready in the morning be like😂 🤣🤦‍

For all the girls out there(or guys who can relate)...below are a few(funny?) things that happen in the morning while simply getting...

Shy Girls and the VERY Subtle Clues I Have Painfully Learned if They Are Crushing

A Bit of a rant based on some the answers to previous questions I posted here and my own observations and learnings about shy girls who...

Thigh Gap Is All About Bone Structure

Number 1 is a person with wide set hip bones. Number 2 is a person with closer set set hip bones (some would say narrow). The narrower...

Unusual Lipstick Ideas

Try using an uncommon lipstick color and match your nail polish to it. Use a metallic lipstick shade that compliments your skin's...

Which is you favorite dish? and why? which is your favorite cuisine? and why?

my favorite dish is misal pav. I could literally eat it everyday. upload a pic of your fav dish. that would be great!! here is how misal...

Cooking like a chef?

Do you know how to cook? I am very basic. I love watching Top Chef and it makes me feel worse LOL

Why do people like disgusting Indian food?

Why people in the US like this shit. Its disgusting and has no protein

What did y'all have for dinner today?

I had some delicious but healthy subs with danish havarti, cheddar, roast beef and turkey and a bowl of spinach with olive oil, spices...

Are nachos a meal or a snack food?

I always consider this more of a snack type of thing but I'm not sure.

I'm ready to be turned into a meal after being gutted and stuffed?

If your willing to tell me how you will gut ME and stuff me and how you will cook me in full detail

How often do you drink soda?

I've been drinking soda almost every day for the last month and I just realized I should probably stop that 🙃

Why do people like cola?

I've never liked it. I hate it's bitter flavor and it's burning gas.

What to tip the pizza driver on a $20 pizza order?

I ordered a pizza they're delivering, there's already a $3.00 delivery fee how much should I tip the driver