Healthier Replacements For Common Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Foods in the American Diet


Many Americans start the day with a cup of sweetened coffee and a sweet pastry (doughnut). Instead of having that for breakfast, a healthier alternative would be to drink coffee without any added sugar of any variety (natural or artificial). A crunchy apple or an acidic orange can balance out the extremely bitter taste of the coffee. While the apple or orange does have its own sugar, the fruit is also filled with considerably more micronutrients than a super-sweet, deep-fried doughnut coated with a super-sweet glaze and filled with a super-sweet, highly processed sugary "fruit" filling.


Lunch for many Americans may mean a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Of course, people usually don't make their own peanut butter or jelly; they would typically buy sugar-filled ones on the market. Orange juice may be served as a refreshment. Orange juice may seem healthy, but it is usually so processed to the point that it has no fiber to curb the absorption of sugar. Therefore, a seemingly healthy meal turns out to be unhealthy.

Instead of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and orange juice, people should really make their own sandwiches from raw ingredients in order to control the amount of added sugar. Whole wheat flour, yeast, and iodized salt may be purchased to make the bread loaf. Beefsteak tomatoes, lettuce heads, cabbages, onions, and mushrooms may be purchased as toppings. Meat may be added, but they require cooking. An orange can replace the orange juice. It may be important to prepare all the bread and meat that may be needed for the entire week on one day, so for each day of the week, people already have a week's supply stocked up in the refrigerator.

However, in case one is busy all month long or all year round, one may just bake several potatoes in the oven every morning to meet one's daily caloric needs. As a side, celery sticks or carrot sticks may be served with a naturally sweet tomato, NOT ranch dressing or peanut butter. To add fat and protein into the diet, a handful of peanuts can complete the meal. The peanuts may be placed in the oven with the potatoes. On occasion, a whole chicken can be prepared in the oven one night for dinner and then re-used for lunch the next day. The chicken must not be dressed in barbecue sauce, ketchup, or any kind of processed food that has sugar or sugar-like substances.


Dinner may be pizza. But if the pizza is restaurant take-out or store-bought, then it may not be very nutritious. Instead of a traditional store-bought/restaurant-take-out pizza, people should make their own pizza without the added sugar, food additives and preservatives. Any sugar will be naturally found in the whole wheat flour that you use with yeast, the real tomatoes that you manually mash up and drain (the liquid may be saved up for savory soups), Indian paneer cheese (which can be made at home with whole milk, lemon juice, and salt), and real vegetable/fruit toppings. Understandably, all the work that goes into preparation takes time, and time is something people don't have these days if they are trying to balance work and home life.

So, I believe the process of making pizza should be broken down into separate days. On the first day, the cheese is made and stored in the refrigerator. If possible, the pizza dough will also be made and stored in the refrigerator; if not possible, then the pizza dough will be made the next day, with a dollop of oil and no added sugar (the yeast can just consume the glucose from the dough). On the final day, the mashed-and-drained tomatoes will be made from fresh, raw tomatoes; and the pizza will be made on this day.

In the meantime, people have to eat dinner. So, they may have some kind of carbohydrate-rich food (baked potatoes), assorted stir-fried vegetables with soy sauce and oil, fresh fruits, and nuts for protein. On occasion, meat (preferably locally grown livestock) may be purchased, but the consumption will be spread out throughout the week. That way, it'll be possible to eat meat every day. The meat, potatoes, and nuts will go in the oven. The vegetables will be stir-fried. And the fruits will be eaten raw. Another carbohydrate-rich food that takes little preparation time would be rice. You can cook rice in the rice cooker or in a pot. No added sugars of any kind, food additives, or preservatives are included in the food preparation process.


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  • Yup, it is all about taking the time to make your own food from scratch. Everyone should make time for one's health.

    • White American meals tend to be varied. They tend to not have a stable food. Just watch the NutriSystem videos on YouTube, and you can see a white American family eat. Americans do eat a lot of breads. They may eat a bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and a bread roll for dinner. Of course, I bet all of the European-American home-cooked food has been commercialized by the processed food industry to bring back "the old memories", while not being able to cook traditional meals of their childhood. I believe that the rising divorce rates are to blame for that. When people divorce, families separate and take away part of the cultural heritage. So, you have a generation of Americans who can't cook.

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    • Me too. But I'm an only child. She can't teach anyone else. :P

    • You're just fortunate to know how to cook your own food! :-D

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  • People can definitely make an effort to eat better, and it's not just Americans who eat a lot of this stuff.

    I must say that I've never heard of orange juice with PB&J... usually the drink of choice is milk or just water. I don't think donuts for breakfast is as common as you think it is either. That seems to be a thing in movies and TV shows, and movies and TV are where many people get ideas about how Americans eat. It's not necessarily true.

    I think it's important to learn to cook, and especially learning to cook a variety of healthy foods so you don't get bored. Sugar is not something that can be completely eliminated from the diet, but it can be cut down to a reasonable, healthy amount. Avoiding products with high fructose corn syrup is a good start. Same with salt and fat. Salt should not be eliminated from the diet at all, actually. And good fats like omegas should be consumed more often than bad fats, like saturated fats or anything with hydrogenated oils.

    • In real life, coffee really is offered as a friendly gesture at many public establishments. With coffee, one may have something sweet and cool, like a doughnut. The coffee has sugar and cream, which also has sugar. The doughnut has an insane amount of sugar and tastes super-sweet. It's not just in the mass media that people eat coffee and doughnuts.

      I think sugar can be limited to carbohydrate-rich sources, like rice, wheat-based products, potatoes, lotus roots; vegetables; and fruits. No added sugar is needed, because the foodstuffs may provide the sugar you need for the day in less concentrated amounts, blended with indigestible sugars. Processed food has sugars other than high-fructose corn syrup, and I think it's best to avoid all of those excess added sugars.

      Salt is a necessary nutrient. A moderate amount is fine. Iodized salt is necessary, because the iodine can help prevent goiters. Fats can be received from eating vegetables, nuts, and meats.


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  • I'm a grown man with a job; I don't have time for that.

    • What do you do?

      Do you live with anyone?

      Who prepares your meals?

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    • I got a GED and am going to community college. But I'm hoping to finish before the election or else we might get a president who cuts my funding.

    • Okay. Good luck! Hope you graduate soon! :D

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  • I don't any americans who eat donuts for breakfast and pb&j sandwhich for lunch or a pizza for dinner.
    In italy they what pasta and pizza all day long. All day. in germany they eat breat, jam, meat, potatoes and pasta all day. In asia they eat rice all day, starches and carbs. Americans and europeana problem is we aren't happy people.

    • I am not entirely sure what you are trying to say here. Let me see.

      "I don't know any American who eat doughnut for breakfast and PB&J sandwich for lunch or a pizza for dinner. In Italy, people eat pasta and pizza all day long. In Germany, people eat bread, jam, meat, potatoes, and pasta all day. In Asia, people eat rice all day. Americans' and Europeans' problem is that we all are not happy people."

    • Even so, I still am not sure what you are getting at. Do you mean "we all are not HEALTHY people"?

    • Meaning its not necessarily what we eat. People it much worse than us its how much we eat and our mental health. If an American ate pizza and pasta all day wed still have our obese problem but the italians dont have that because they eat smaller portions ans they are happier people , better mental health

  • I'm 28, I stopped eating PB&J for lunch like over fifteen years ago. Nor do I know many young adults or twenty-somethings who indulge with it on a consistent basis. If I even have it now, it's a rare treat for a snack. Your suggestion was nice, but a tad unrealistic perhaps...

  • Stir fry=life <3
    veggie bowls
    stir fry
    gnocchi and veg
    the best, and they're so healthy.

  • I agree, my ex boyfriend eats like that. Still does today, even though Im Americanized I dont eat like this. Good take.

  • I lived in Germany for 3 years... it wasn't that better.

  • All this sounds cool but I don't have the time for it. Quick salads and fruits for me.

    • Vegetables and fruits are not carbohydrate-dense. You need carbohydrates, because they add on calories and give you energy. Calories are about energy.

      Meat is the source for Americans to derive protein and fat. For non-Americans, people around the world may derive meat from eggs, milk, bugs, fish, and the traditional farm animals that Americans also eat. Nuts and beans provide plant-based protein. Veganism is dangerous, because it shuns all animal-based products. Vegetarians are really meat-eaters, especially the so-called "lacto-ovo" kind.

  • Wtf! Americans eat donuts for breakfast? Wow.

  • Are you American? Americans typically eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side glass of milk lol Who the fuck drinks orange juice with a pb&j sandwich for lunch? How often does anyone drink orange juice outside of breakfast? This article is really off.